"The Turtles"

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Hunter's Turtles

  • Hunter is awesome.
  • His girlfriend is Abbie.
  • Went to Walmart and got photo bombed by a man in an electrical wheelchair
  • The Turtles sang "I Really Really Like You" for Tip Sync. Most of the dance routine was whipping.
  • On Blue Team as "The Flaming Blueberries" for Mag-Fest.


  • One of the coolest RCs
  • Won Miss Tip competition
  • Made Jacob be bacon
  • La Banana
  • One with nature
  • 1000 times more swag than any other RC
  • Plays frisbee for Brown University
  • Had the coolest kids
  • Can hit the best whip
  • Ran a poptart black market
  • Was the leader of the Blue Team at Mag-Fest, The Flaming Blueberries (which should have been the Keisha Klan)
  • Denied his RelationTIP with Abbie for an impressive 3 weeks. We all knew the whole time, though

Inside Jokes

  • Not a hole Keisha, a valve...
  • My turtle swims sideways...
  • 1 and 5!
  • You stole fizzy lifting drinks!
  • Meester Meester
  • Chill Fam
  • Double Valve Failure


  • Andrew Arnold
  • Andrew Canzano
  • Creston Brooks
  • Evan Barker
  • Jackson Speary
  • Jake Jaresh
  • Jake Nichols
  • John Prieschl
  • Kegan Lovell
  • Lukas Dicevicius
  • Luke Theobald
  • Nicolás Sánchez
  • (Quinn Rieger is an adopted member)