1st Tipgaean War

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The first war between the major powers of Tipgaea, the 1st Tipgaean War was fought over the lands in possession of , , as well as unsettled lying between the two. All significant powers of Tipgaea supported a side with the exception of Cascadia, who preferred to remain neutral. There was an attempt at compromise, with negotiations between the fourth-year alliance (with Lyalara at the table) and the opposing side (with Downunderton at the table). Cascadia served as the mediator and Clearland was the notetaker. The end result of the war was the 1st Tipgaean Armistice, greatly weakening the state of Katastan economically and militarily.


Leading up to the war, a foreign aid package signed by the members of the Tipgaean Union was sent to Katastan to be used for the construction of infrastructure and commerce. Estreland, a primary supporter, promised many benefits, mainly agricultural, growing close ties with the existing monarch of Katastan. After the yearly Execution of Kings the new reigning monarch, Soveret Dimitrius, accused Estreland of "nation-building" and "Northern Imperialism". This culminated in a declaration of war on an unexpecting Estreland, who, with no standing military, quickly was overtaken by the underestimated strength of the Katastan Royal Armed Forces, who had secretly been using funding from the foreign aid package to fund arms development and equipment procurement. Most arduous about this agreement was that the state of sold nuclear arms to Katastan, creating a rogue-state situation.


During the Occupation of Estreland, the , , and immediately professed support for the Estrelan government-in-exile, committing ground forces to campaigns to take back the mountainous northern regions of Estreland. Meanwhile, Nukeland, now outraged at nuclear proliferation in Katastan, declared war on Katastan, committing aerial forces to the Northern Campaigns. Cascadia and , now acting as neutral parties, established separate blockades of Katastan; however, Magna Carta launched a declaration of war after a Magnese cargo tanker was sunk off the coast of Land of Fire by suspected Katastani submarine forces. At this time the pushback against the occupation had reached the capital of Estreland, eventually pushing Katastani forces out of Estrelan territory. This stalemate forced both parties into the first round of negotiations for peace. After an attempt at exclusive retaliation against Katastan's aggression, peace talks fell apart, devolving into continued war. After the frustration of the first peace negotiations, Nukeland publicly blamed the Triumvirate Pact for the enablement of Katastan, declaring war on Downunderton, Roop, and Tipxas. After Cascadian military intervention, however, no military contact was met between the two parties. The war continued within the Buffer Zone until steady pressure pushed the front line back to Katastani territory, at which point the monarchy of Katastan released a series of terms upon which they would surrender to. These terms were outright rejected by the delegation of Estreland, who, in favor of a breakup of Katastan's territory, advocated for increased economic punishment. A divine being intervened and threatened the leader of Katastan with death. Due to this, the two parties agreed upon a treaty of severe economic stress placed upon Katastan with minor military restrictions placed as well.


With the state of Katastan now greatly weakened by the 1st Tipgaean Armistice, relations have stabilized between Katastan and the rest of Tipgaea. While Roop, Downunderton, and Tipxas remain significant semi-allies, the Fourth-Year Alliance remains wary about potential threat. Cascadia received international praise, namely from Lyalara, for being able to negotiate a formal peace agreement quickly. Significant amounts of Katastani land was ceded voluntarily to the states of Roop, Downunderton, and Tipxas in exchange for military support during the war, receiving protest from much of the Tipgaean Union General Assembly.