2009 Term 2

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In the beginning of the term, Keegan Dent (a.k.a. Spermicus) of Matt's RC group began the religion of Mathiscism, a religion with the goal of worshiping Judge Greg Mathis. Every day at 4:00pm, Matt's RC group would take the 4th floor (girls) lounge and watch the prophet speak. Second to Pope Spermicus was High Priest Michael Gohlke, who would hide in the cabinet underneath the television and wait until the words "The Prophet" were spoken. He would then Burst out of the cabinet and scream, "JUDGE GREG MATHIS!!!", thus scaring the girls "straight into menstruation." By the end of the term, the religion was widely adapted by the guys, and widely despised by the girls. Oddly enough, Pope Spermicus retired near the end of the term, handing most responsibilities to High Priest Gohlke. Pope Spermicus relinquished his duties for the courtship of one of the Amathists (Mathis Haters). The religion ended as quickly as it began. Watch out West Term 2... you're next for Mathiscism. (This TiPster remembers the aforementioned mathisicism, and is pretty sure that was term 1, not term 2)