2017 at Duke East

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2017 at Duke East was much different than previous years. Admin was stricter, many traditions were intentionally blocked, and the majority of the staff were unfit to occupy the roles they did. The staff that supported the TiPsters were also treated very poorly by higher administrative staff. Despite all of this, we maintained our traditions to the best of our abilities. The fourth years even went so far as to perform the sunrise traditions indoors in the Pegram Commons on the morning of the last day due to admin and the rcs refusing to cooperate and supervise outside. East may have hit a major road block this year, but I have faith that tipsters will continue to keep traditions and the spirit of tip well and alive. After all, what makes TiP is not the admin staff, the rcs, or even the campus you're at (although we can all be confident in saying that despite any setback East is beast and will always be the best campus), what makes TiP is the people and thier actions while on campus. As long as we continue to act in the TiPster spirit and put out love and acceptance for one another (and on occasion a lot of sass and aggression towards admin), TiP will never lose the spirit that makes it such an amazing home to so many people.