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This year is different from most other 2010s years at Tip. This year is so close from the 40th anniversary of Duke Tip, started in 1981, and so much has changed ever since. Duke Tip has expanded to 14 campuses across the country, each with its own unique traditions. Each successive generation of fourth years has tweaked Tip in their own vision, expanding on the previous generation’s work and laying the framework for the next. Tipsters came and went, relationtips became lifelong bonds, and class catalogs, social events, and campus layouts evolved. The politics and history of the time, the rise of the internet, and the growth of globalization had a profound impact on the events of Tip. Throughout the 90s and 2000s, relics arose, especially on East, West, and UGA. Those relics turned into symbols of leadership and icons that others could look up to. Interestingly, in the year of 2019, around the turn of the decade, five relics were officialized on East campus, Term 1, and those relics contributed to the already existent relics to forge a whole new environment for 2020s tipsters, combined with the growth of technology and the entertainment trends of that year. As this decade comes to a close and the next decade comes around, it is suffice to say that 2019 was a turning point in Tip’s evolution, particularly on East campus, being the trendsetter for Tipsters of the next decade and beyond. The 2020s hold a mystery, but it should continue to expand on the profound changes of 2019 and make Tip a whole new place from what it was before.