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4:08 is irrefutably the greatest TiP tradition of all time.

In the late 90's, a group of friends at East (I and II) threw a party for exactly one minute every day at the perfect and most reasonable time - 4:08 PM. 4:08 gave them just enough time to leave class, put their stuff away in their rooms and make it back to the Circle Quad, where they would do cartwheels, build human pyramids, throw dance parties, and more.

4:08 lasted a few brief years, and as its main proponents aged out, it too faded into TiP past.

TIP at Duke East term II 2008 revived 4:08 for a day by the staffJoker who had a habit of speaking through Will. After removing one of the Llama's ears the staff joker made tipsters undergo three challanges one of them being to do something special at 4:08 on thenlast thursday.

Term II 2010, the flight of the Llama was carried out at 4:08 on the last Wednesday of term. Term II 2011, the returning of the second stealing of the llama happend, induced by the yattaing, a chant,m and the formation of the word TIP but TIPsters.at... 4:08(be there).

Term II 2012, the return of the llama (over a few days) was carried out at 4:08, with the TiPsters spelling out ONE and writing letters to "Haymitch" from the TiPster tributes to get her back.

Term II 2015, the return of the llama happened at 4:08 on the circle quad. Everyone attended, except for Jeremy's Headaches, who were being questioned by the administration about the issues they had been having.