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Twas the third part of the fourth question of an evening study in the first week of Davidson term 2 in the mathematical problem solving class. It was in fact more than just the third part of the fourth question in an evening study however... it was the start of an amazing inside joke.

The Question: The question was about how many different ways 10 people can be arranged into red rover teams. The beginning of 4c generated as a variation of the original question that inquired how many different ways the teams could be arranged if Somil refused to hold hands with his ex-girlfriend. This proceeded to alter space and time and creating one of the greatest inside jokes of all time!

4c was frowned upon by the instructor and TA and was forbidden the t-shirt. Alas, there are hero's in every story as the ninja warrior Tong from the order of the Rubik's used his magical sword (sharpie) to defeat evil and write 4c on everybody's shirt.