4th Year Speeches

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Each year at the talent show, the fourth years are given the opportunity to go on stage and give a speech to all of the other tipsters. Unlike other campuses, 4th year speeches are more of a formality than an actual chance to give a speech because all of the 4th years go at once (due to the large number of 4th years and limited time). Because it's hard to hear, and some 4th years have real advice for tipsters, this page was created to give East 4th years a platform to publish their speeches.


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-this is only for East tipsters

East Term I 2017

East Term II 2017

  • Brecken Yeo:
  • Justin Zandstra: TiP is too short. It only lasts three weeks and is the best thing in the world. But the best thing is also that it's only three weeks. You can be who you want to be here not because we're inherently more accepting, but because you only have to live with people's impressions of you for three weeks. You can be as gay, weird, obnoxious, or obsessed with kazoos as you want among many other things and it's what makes tip so amazing. It's why you can go out of your way to talk to people no matter what the outcome and though that make the best friendsof your life that will last forever. I hate having to leave after just 12 weeks over 4 years, but it wouldn't be the same any other way. It's just long enough to make the best friends of your life but just short enough to be able to ignore the people who you don't want to befriend here. (Sorry it's so heckin long)