4th year

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The 4th years of East Term 1 2012 gather around for a group photo before the last dance.

The funnest, saddest, and most amazing year of TIP is the fourth year. They have many special privileges and are highly respected and revered. Fourth years wear lanyards that are orange instead of typical yellow/green. At East, they get to do the "Doggy doggy doggy" chant every day at lunch, and at all campus can stand in the 4th-year circle during "American Pie" which is inside the regular circle. At the end of the term, they write , and after the talent show on the last night, they are free to make fourth-year speeches, which generally talk about how much they love TIP. The fourth and last year of TIP is undoubtedly the saddest. It is impossible not to cry upon thinking that you will never see the beautiful TIP campus again, nor any wonderful TIPster faces (unless you come back as an RC or TA).

Sadly, ever since 2017, fourth years lost many of their off-campus privileges (9th street for example). Nowadays an RC must accompany them. Smh.

As the years have past, the amount of privileges those with the orange lanyard obtain are scarce. The lanyard is the only constant in status. It doesn't slap as hard as it did in the day.