5th Floor of White

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The 5th floor of the White residence at ASU has been voted the official party floor by the members of Term 2 2014. It is the only Co-Ed floor in White, which leads to friendships...and cross dressing, card playing, dancing, blaring music, and adorable promposals (Spaige 4 LYFE) The unity between the boys and girls on the floor is on a different level than any other floor. Unfortunately, with rules and a piece of tape labeled "Girls Only"/"Boys Only", the only place to hang out is in the common room. This does not stop this floor from having somewhat disturbing conversations, especially on the Last Night (Children is not an ice cream flavor, btw.) It is rumored that it is okay to cross the Boys/Girls only line on the last night & departure day, because past that point no one gives a crap anymore. No one caring also led to everyone on the 5th floor waking up at 9:02, because Why Was James Crying? was being blared for all the dorms to hear (thanks guys)

The fifth floor is the official party floor! Being coed, everyone's friends meet in the middle for music, card games, and food! Even if it's not on the last night, we will still blare music. All day, every day. If your dorm happens to be on the fifth floor, make sure to continue the legacy of the fifth floor! Fifth floor 2k14 5eva!