78 and fair

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In the Marketplace at Duke Tip East 2016, there was a TV that would tell the weather and current conditions outside. Every day no matter how hot or how sunny it was outside, the screen always showed the same forecast: 78 and fair. It became a joke amongst the tipsters and the staff working the terms. Many tipsters tweeted it, used it to caption photos, put in their bios, or snapchatted it to show they were a tipster. 78 and fair became the anthem and inside joke of the Tip East 2016 Term 1. It was even mentioned at the Doctor Doctor skit during the talent show. But using it as a joke when they were at camp made it a sad memory once the tipster started suffering tipression. Many send it to their friends with crying faces as they miss joking about it. But times will come again next year and maybe the screen in the marketplace will still read "78 and fair".

Note: In Term 1, 2017 the marketplace tv's no longer read 78 & fair.