AC Clavaud

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Duke East 2019, Term 1

no emotional attachment, wears shoes too big, might be French but idk. has a really cool friend, refuses to admit it. 55-1=54. school parking lots, purple flowers, tic tacs. his roommate sucks, no hands, break (his own) ankles, rage quits, hates ninth street, hates everything, really just wants to go home.


interesting movie choices, hates east, been here for three years, really just wants to go home. likes school parking lots, hates hickeys. hates doors. major gamer (nationstates), hates bad grammar.

Acts of Aggression

skips dances because he sucks and can't hang. aggressively hits woah every opportunity he can

Rice Purity Score

55 (should be 54)

A note from a friend

damn if he wasn't so against existing in east it may have been a good term. smhhh he's got everything he needs at home :): yes I am just doing this to spite him