ASU Term II 2014

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On Sunday July 6, 2014 the tipsters arrived and started to move in to White Hall. They met roommates and Rc's who were: Tiera, Aly, Ta, Buka, Cassidy, Emily, Grace, Hannah, Jo, Kimberly, Jonathan, Nick, Olivia, Ryan, and Zoe other people on their floor. When Monday came, kids woke up and attended their first day of class. The classes were: Mathematical problem solving, Design Challenges, Debate and Persuasion, Experiments in science, The human body, Myths and Legends, Theater arts, Algebra 1, Psychology, Creative Writing, Wonderwarts, and Science on the Appalachian Trail. People got used to the schedule and classes and people. On Friday, there were double activities and then tip sync practice. On Saturday in the morning everyone had morning class then scavenger hunt. Everyone walked around campus searching for clues. Then everyone had time to get ready for the dance that night. The theme was TIP, and people had to dress as something that started with a T, I, or P. We saw Pineapples, Princesses, Tipsters and others. On Sunday, tip sync was first and we had many memorable dances including Ta's group with Hips Don't Lie and Ryan's group with Single Ladies. Tip sync also brought the creation of a tradition, the song Dunked On (see Why Was James Crying?(Dunked On))Jonathan's group performed this song and it quickly became the theme song for the camp. The night finished off with game show, The theme week kicked off with twin day on Monday followed by, tacky day,then decade day, then character day then color day on Saturday. The dance was on Friday this week and the theme was Red, White, and Blue. PITfest was on Saturday and the blue team took the trophy followed by green then yellow and finally red. On Sunday everyone went to Bos and played laser tag, mini golf, and bowling. Sunday finished off with The camp watching The princess Bride. The third week started and throughout the week there were many, many promposals. TIProm was on Thursday and many people went with dates. There were also a number of people not saving enough room for Jesus while dancing. On Friday, was the last full day of class and then the last dinner. After the last dinner, was talent show there were lots of singing and guitar acts as well as two dances and a "poetry" reading by spencer, Caleb and abijith. After talent show a slideshow was played which brought tears to somes eyes. After that everybody went back to the dorm where people partied on the first floor, signed term books and ran around. Rc groups had their last meetings and everybody went to bed at 1:30. The first people left after only a couple of hours of sleep and some very faithful friends woke up to say goodbye. Everybody left 1 at a time and said good bye through tear filled eyes. Asu term 2014 was incredible. There were friendships, memories that will last forever. We are a family and nothing will change that. I hope to see you all at UGA Term II 2015.