Aaron Chern

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Aaron "Aardvark" Chern is a TIPster who attended Term II at New College of Florida for his first year, and then returned to TIP at East Term II for his second. The nickname Aardvark has quite a few stories behind it, and few people really know how he got the name besides Aardvark himself. He recently held the position of a High Priest in the Cult of Sean (Sean's rag at TIP East Term II).

Aardvark played on the 1st year Ultimate team Wolf Pack at New College Term II in 2012, who came in second in the student tournament. He was set to play on We Ate the Bones, a 3rd year team at the 2013 Term II at East, although the team folded before the tournament actually began. He was one of the seven players for Bassett dorm during Quadfest.