Abnormal Psychology

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Course at Duke TiP.



In Duke west 2011 term 1 and 2 the instructor was DR. Darlene and the class was great we watched so much t.v. take the class its fun.


Term 1:
The instructor/TA pair for Term 1 2013 consisted of Turgut Erol and Lucia Kwon. The class itself will be mostly remembered for it's random mentions to Pidgeon Sex (it started with Freud and Tesla) and squirrel cops. Turgut was a firm believer in class discussion and not taking notes from a powerpoint all the time. While everyone learned a lot, many of the TIPsters had a hard time adjusting to his teaching method. No one in the class will ever forget the 4+ hour t-shirt debate. It started as a simple vote and slowly progressed into everyone screaming at each other until 3/4 agreed on blue. In the end it completely didn't matter because Lucia wanted azalea and no one wanted to argue anymore. Following the color decision, Lucia tried to have a revote because she wanted the cuter design (she swore it would be better if everyone just thought about it) and almost won. Also, in the last week Turgut convinced his TIPsters to make up their own illnesses. These ranged from a fear of trees to a need to eat burritos to something that slowly changed your gender.
Term 2:
Under the guidance of Instructor Kathryn and TA Octavia, the Ab Psych students of Term 2, 2013 had an amazing term. The first day, we bonded over cheesy icebreaker games and classroom rules such as 'Don't wear Crocs to class'. Features of our time at TIP include RelationTIPs, the scary librarian - ("I can hear you typing!"), Supa Hot Fire, lobotomies, field trips to a Psychiatric Hospital, and the infamous Waffle Train. -- "Not TIPpropriate!!"


Term 2:
The instructor for Ab Psych 2014 was Lillian Reuman, assisted by TA Brooke Carr. The class will mostly be remembered for Lil's infamous Bon Jovi incident on the Hump Day of TiP, for which the fourth years never fully forgave her. Also notable is the constant references to a dozen healthy infants and the AB shirts. Also, Everybody Loves Lil, which needs to be a thing.


West Term 2 2018

The instructor of Ab Psych 2018 was Alexandra Wojda, with TA Sarah Morrison. This class is remembered for the loving feeling it had, along with the amazing instructors. Those in this class, especially Emmie, were always quoting vines, to Alexandra’s (slight) disapproval. This class is also known for Isaac saying big mood about everything. (I said big mood in my head several times while reading this ~Isaac K (talk)) Overall, this class and its instructors were amazing, and it is one of the best classes. The amount of inside jokes and pun limits were peculiar but overall everyone loved the class and also each other.

Rice Term 2 2018

Our instructor was Britney Smith and our TA was Pamela Surran, who were coincidentally on either opposing side of the Duke (Pam) vs. UNC (Britney). Besides that, they were able to put aside their differences and make an amazing class for all of the students involved. On like the third day, we had to come up with shirt designs, but we had no inside jokes except for "Let's talk about gangs", which was a talking prompt from a game where you just talked (it was called the UnGame and it was weird but fun if you did it with the right people). Out of necessity, it became our class' staple inside joke until we found better ones, but it still was pretty iconic, as Arya worked very hard to fit all of our names into the phrase "let's talk about gangs."

At the end of the first week, we watched Inside Out and were told to diagnose Riley with a disorder. While everyone went with either depression or just her being a teenage, good old Arya decided that her symptoms most closely fit the symptoms for schizoid personality disorder. From that point on, basically a case could be made to diagnose literally anyone with schizoid.