Adam The Greatest RC Ever

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  To many TIPsters attending Term 1 at Wake Forest University in the summer of 2016, Adam was considered the best Residential Counselor(RC) ever. 
  He was a fatherly figure to all the boys in his group and cared deeply for each of them. He took the time to get to know his "kids" and enjoyed spending time with them. Similarly, the young men in his group felt privileged to meet and befriend such an inspirational leader. Adam was  great role model- He was kind to everyone, spoke clearly and concisely, kept everybody in line, and was friendly towards everyone he met. Therefore, all of the boys on the 3rd Floor A(AKA Adam Squad AKA the best RC group ever) were extremely sad when he departured from campus on June 27th, 2016(For more information, see "The Fall"). Adam is terribly missed but is wished the best of luck from his squad and will forever be recalled as the greatest RC ever.

Adam may be gone, but the Adam Squad lives on.