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Admin is a shortening of the longer term administrator, but that's somewhat obvious.

This page is going to be an excessively opinionated and negative entirely neutral, factual, and objective article about admin at TiP.

Who Is Admin?

Admin is generally used to refer to TiP staff who are not RC, instructors, or TAs, which leaves only administrative roles. These include the OSC and the RLOs, along with the campus nurse, psych, and others. It can also refer to whatever building/floor Admin happens to be situated in for the duration of TiP (as used in the phrase "go to admin").

What Does Admin Do?

Admin generally tries to keep order and discipline in the world of TiP, but this does often entail unpopular decisions and disciplinary actions. While it is easy to wish that admin was not a part of TiP, one must also remember that admin does good things (ex. evacuating LSU or, incidents), but they are still susceptible to mistakes.

The Limits Of Admin

(of course, i'm not associated with admin, so i don't know too much about this one)

Admin does have their limits.