Air Traffic Control

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Air Traffic Control, otherwise known as ATC, is a frisbee team that began at Duke West Term 2 2018. ATC is a rival of the other frisbee team at West, Team Team.


Spencer Woodall, a 4th year, wanted to create a frisbee team in fear of not making Team Team. He realized that his class, Global Finance, had a bunch of solid frisbee players and decided to make a team. At lunch one day, Spencer and his classmates found a list of frisbee team names online and came across the name "Air Traffic Control". Although ATC is mostly TIPsters from Global Finance, other TIPsters joined after realizing they wouldn't be able to make Team Team.


ATC first played "Team 3", made up of 2nd and 3rd years. They won 8-2 and moved on to the student finals to go against Team Team. After scoring a combined 5 points in the first 2 minutes, Team Team would eventually defeat ATC 9-5.


ATC might've gone to die with Spencer as he left TIP, but because of Will Hodge, a rising 4th year, ATC will continue to survive in the coming years (I hope).



  • Spencer Woodall (Captain)
  • Will Hodge
  • Kyle Smith
  • Grant Gilchrist
  • Tobi Zaidman
  • Sal Abbasi
  • Tori Hagenlocker
  • Jack Germond
  • Tim Bula
  • Jessie Zhao
  • Winnie Wang
  • Jackson Morris
  • Ellen Zhang
  • Santi
  • Cameron Bednar
  • Alfonso Duarte


  • 2018: Spencer Woodall
  • 2019: Will Hodge