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Akers was a Davidson dorm used for several years. One of the "little three" dorms, Akers was located between Knox and Irwin.


Term I

Caroline's RC Group

Caroline Sue Hollifield's RC Group consisted of Maxine Litre, Jenny Kim, Amanda Drake, Paula, Garrett Hardee, Erica Leinmiller, Priyanka Gandhi, Neha Bagadiya, Jessica Haines, Ashli Carter, Jacqueline, Monique, Patricia, and [someone else]. In an ill-fated escapade during the scavenger hunt, Maxine Litre, Amanda Drake, Jenny Kim, and Priyanka Gandhi were designated Caroline's Lost Souls. Caroline's RAG during term one enjoyed speculating about Caroline's engagement and fondly remembers her nighttime mantra - "any last minute questions, comments, or concerns?" (Davidson, 2004)

Term II

200 Akers Wood

Led by RC Elizabeth (Mama Liz), this second-floor girls RC group consisted of:

  • Sexxy Anshu
  • Alex
  • Anna Rowe
  • Connie
  • Becca
  • Ami
  • Josh
  • Sarah
  • Rachel
  • Mia
  • MaggieFaith

This close-knit RC group originated the terms scrabble and boggle, as in "Betty is a boggle champion"