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At Duke West Term II 2k14, in an alcove on the 3rd floor, a group of friends came together. They hung out there in their free time and grew very close. There were many members who came and went but it was an amazing 3 weeks that will be cherished always. (As of four months after TiP, the group still Skypes almost every night and has planned a TiPunion during winter break.)

Sample Text

  • Rae- Forensic Science
  • Liz- Programming Robotics
  • Jennifer- Programming Robotics
  • Alex- Programming Robotics
  • Matthew- Programming Robotics
  • Alexander- Anatomy and Physiology
  • Emily- Neuroscience
  • Ethan- Neuroscience
  • Jillian- Neuroscience
  • Chris- Biology of Cancer
  • Heejin/ David/ Caroline- Abnormal Psychology
  • Ariel-Forensic Anthropology
  • Catherine- Forensic Anthropology
  • Alexander Denisowski- Evolutionary Biology
  • Sarah Freemen- Anatomy, Physiology, and Medical Ethics


Most likely to...

  • Michael- be randomly and frequently sad
  • Rae- lay on a table
  • Chris- be hella troll
  • Liz- eat certain fingers
  • Jennifer- take up space
  • Ethan- annoy Jillian/cheat at 'Mercy'/be Kanye West
  • Eclair- be a French girl
  • Emily- be a male prostitute (the best one)/make it rain
  • Alexander- double knot his shoelaces
  • David- be Caroline
  • Alex- be smacked by Rae
  • Clay- be a flower pot
  • Matthew- stalk Frank
  • Catherine- be rad
  • Ariel- have 6 wives
  • Jillian- fall in love with Chris' pillow
  • Alex Denisowski- Fresca bowl, wear sunglasses indoors, acquire currency, and have intercourse with female dogs.

Sayings/ Jokes

  • "That's hella troll!" ~Chris
  • "I'm da bes." ~Everyone
  • "I still haven't found my berries." ~Rae
  • "I'm a wider than average person so I need half the bench." ~Jennifer
  • "I'm a person, not an arm, head or foot rest." ~Emily
  • "DEAL US IN!" ~Ethan
  • "It's alcove time!" ~Everyone
  • "Hey Liz... Are we human or are we dancer?" ~Rae then Everyone


  • Liz/Mayo (Les Mis? Maize?)
  • Emily/Alexander (Emilander)
  • Rae/Mitch
  • Rae/Tumblr
  • Jennifer/herself (#singleforlife)
  • Liz/Clay (Chips)
  • Ethan/Shray (Dr. Shray and Slim Shrady)
  • Catherine/Jeffery Scott
  • Liz/Catherine (Rae's OTP)

New Members

  • Sarah Freemen~ Sarah lived across the hall from Rae and Jillian at TiP. Rae was the first person Sarah made friends with this year at TiP. After TiP, Sarah joined the alcove via Skype. She is known as Rae's mother and because Rae is the mother of everyone else in the group, Sarah is the almighty grandma. In addition, the girls voted her 'Ultimate cutie patootie 2k14'. She was named dictator of the alcove on a skype call, with Alex as the president. The abbreviation for her new title became 'Uganda'. Thus, she is now Uganda Sarah.
  • Tyler Percy~ Tyler never even went to TiP, but Mayo added him to a Skype call one night and no one removed him, so he is now an honorary alcove member and is coming to the TiPunion.
  • Nubby Chris~ Nubby Chris (a.k.a Chris Hodge) was Jillian's friend who was introduced to the alcove without the consent of some (consent is really rad). Nubby Chris turned out to be, well, a nub. His famous last words before being kicked were "HUAAHH GAAAAYY", give or take a few vowels.

Alexander Denisowski Because he deserves a section of his own.

Alexander Denisowski~ Alexander was a 4th year who Liz knew that became part of the alcove after TiP. He is now a fully integrated alcove member through Skype and GroupMe. Surprisingly enough he has been to more TIPunions than any other alcove member as of now. He is sometimes referred to as "Denni" ( a play on his last name ). Respected as the "cool older brother" he has become a more active alcove member than some of the original ones. *whisper* he also had very nice hair *whisper*. He deserves much more than the measly paragraph that he is allotted in this section. His sex appeal is beyond compare. Even if he may seem to not respect the usual rules regarding monogamous relationships, it's hardly his fault. More than anything it's his charming personality and amazing intellect that attract so many people. He's won a hundred hearts in half as many days using nothing more than his wits. Consider yourself blessed if he sets his sights on you. Very rarely does anyone reject his advances, after all, who could in their right minds? However, the duck always come first

Catherine Hall Because she's beautiful

Catherine Hall, aka the beauty goddess Aphrodite, was a member added to the alcove group mainly after TiP. Though at first she was only really added because of her brother, Ethan aka scrub lord, she soon captured the hearts of all alcove members, old and new alike. It has been said that viewing her true form with unshielded eyes can blind mere mortals, and though many try to capture her beauty through screenshotted snapchats or sketches, it remains clear that her attractiveness is a force to be reckoned with. After her inclusion into the alcove, the members of the group quickly resorted to flirting and flattery in order to gain her favor. She's currently married to many, many wives, and pledged as senpai to many other members. Everyone wants a piece of that gorgeous body. Once you lay eyes on her, know that your life will never be the same again.

Katy Mayfield Because she isn't so desperate as to resort to petty self promotion

  • whisper* taste the salt *whisper*

After TiP Skype Jokes

  • Have you kept up with the challenge?
  • Ethan calls are fun calls
  • #emilyface
  • AP Jesus
  • Nub.
  • Is that the helicopter?
  • Jesus is bae
  • What's your favorite soda?
  • Are you... stupid or something?
  • Insane parents are crazy
  • Pulling an Ethan- Leaving a call to take a shower
  • CS:GO
  • CS:GO Porta-potties in particular
  • Tow truck ass b***hes (nubby Chris's catchphrase)
  • Kanye West in general
  • Ask me about rimjobs
  • Eclair voice
  • Democritis is playing Borderlands 2/ XCOM: Enemy Unknown/ Bioshock Infinite
  • LLawlietVI is playing CS:GO/being a nub/giving Democritus a rimjob/being beat by his sister in CS:GO/using his woman voice to attempt to seduce people
  • RIP in kill ______.
  • Goodnight my sweet prince

Team Names

Matthew + Ethan = The Meme Team

Matthew + Chris + Ethan = The MLG Trio

Alex + Liz + all the kool kids = The Gents ( AKA the best team )

Ethan + Matthew + all the non-gents (non-nubs) = Team Lads

Mayo + himself = The Hitler Youths

Ethan + Jillian = Team OG

Jillian + Rae = Team Roomies

Liz + Rae + Emily + Catherine + Jillian = Unicorn Wedding

Liz + Rae + Jillian + Emily + Jennifer = The Good Half of Sarah's RAG

Ethan + Denni + Rae + Jillian = Seal Team Sex

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