Alexis Gorfine

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Alexis Gorfine is a 3 consecutive year (2013-2015) Tipster and is planning on returning to Duke East (Term 1) for her 4th year. 

Alexis went to Wake Forest for her 1st year and has been at Duke East (Term 1) since her 2nd year. At Wake Forest, she took Mock Trial.

For her 2nd and 3rd years, she took History of the Future and Microeconomics respectively.

In 2013 at Wake, Alexis was in Jasmine's RAG. In 2014, Alexis was in Nettie's RAG.

The door decorations were all cat memes and pictures, and ironically, Alexis had the grumpy cat meme. It was ironic because Alexis is the most optimistic and friendly person you will ever meet. She is full of life and seems to know everyone. She also performed in the talent show with Ryan O'Rourke. They sang "Say Something," and were awesome.

In 2015, Alexis was in Erin's RAG (Squad 227) which, to the chagrin of the 3rd year girls, was located in Pegram. She sang "I Believe In A Thing Called Love" (Branches version) with Ryan O'Rourke (as their tradition goes) during the talent show. She coined the phrase "Hey Soul Tipster." Her roommate was Netra Rastogi who was in From Bach to Rock. Netra Rastogi, her best friend, her amazing, beautiful, talented, most amazing roommate (who totally did not write this) was the best roommate you could ever ask for. Netra was definitely Alexis' better half. Without Netra, Alexis is pretty lame though. She can be cool sometimes like when she brings you steamed carrots or compliments your frizzy hair.

BEWARE: she will love the shiitake (she doesn't want profanity on her page :) keep it TiPppropriate, fam) out of you and you will never not have a good time with this lovely little creature.

Alexis is ultimately the light of tip (and the light of my life hehhee)