Algebra One

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ASU Term 1 2014 Algebra One Superlatives

Jasymn. T.

  • Most Fancy

Sydnee L.

  • Best Hair

Morgan M.

  • Most Adorable

Andy H.

  • Most Friendly

Will S.

  • Best Twerker

Zackery B.


Haseeba K.

  • Most Likely to overthrow the government

Grace S.

  • Most likely to help Haseeba overthrow the government

Josh P.

  • Most likely to own a pharmacy

Tristan M.

  • Creepiest Catch Phrase Guy

Crystian D.

  • Most likely to fall down the stairs

Eli G.

  • Most likely to call Tristian out

Bronson B.

  • Most likely to sound like a sports commentator

Tim C.

  • Most likely to teach

Matthew F.

  • Most likely to lose concept of reality


  • Best pickup lines


  • Most likely to yell at the TV during a football game

Danielle R.

  • Mostly likely to help