Alice Zhang

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Third Year

This was Alice's first year at TiP, but she bonded instantly with her roommate Tyler Donovan. The two soon met Casey Langer, who was in Emily's rag with them. Casey, Alice, and Tyler became the ultimate trio. Casey often snuck into their room and would always share a bed with Alice because apparently Alice was more pleasant to sleep with than Tyler. Casey and Alice were in Writing With Power together and greatly enjoyed their time in the classroom together. Alice ended up in a relationtip with that year's Lazer Dragons captain Brecken Yeo. The two were very adorable, but Casey and Tyler always came first in Alice's heart ;)

Fourth Year

Alice took CTA her fourth year. She was in Christina's rag, where she met the lovely Madison Ward. Alice welcomed Madison into tip life (it was Madison's first year). Alice, Madison, Casey, and Tyler formed the THOT train and often got in trouble for dancing intipropriately at dances. Tyler was left without a roommate fourth year so Alice and Casey were kind enough to come visit her sometimes, though they were caught by a RC on more than one occasion. Alice and Brecken rekindled the relationtip and were super adorable. Alice also got to celebrate her sweet sixteen at tip and all her friends did their best to make her birthday as wonderful as her (which is VERY wonderful.) Alice, Madison, Casey, and Tyler performed a Doctor Doctor with the theme of Frat/Goon Squad and it was amazing. Alice is known for her wit, beauty, and kindness. We all adore you Alice!!