Alton Shen

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Alton was at Rice Historical Epidemiology Term 1 2018. Alton is an interesting guy who says lots of interesting things. He is almost like a walking meme. Sometimes it’s fun to just watch him function because of how interesting he is. He’s in a relationship with Pokémon Go and his iPad. He has a cringey voice filled with voice cracks as he says the famous quote, "Ur mom gay!"He was also surprisingly 15.

  • Image of Alton: [[1]]
  • Quotes:
  • If everyone has a seizure then no one has a seizure.
  • I know my mom’s cheating, and I’m okay with that!
  • You just crossed a line Collin. And then you burned the line. And then you drew another line and burned that one too.
  • UR MOM GAY!!!
  • THOT!!
  • Yeah, I play Pokemon Go!
  • That was a good movie. Now let’s say our goodbyes.