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The girls of 9S are a select group of girls (on the 9th floor, south side - no way, right!!) from Kansas, term 1, 2006. They included the RC groups of Amour Wolfe and Julia, and they were the hottest girls on campus! These girls are most well known for their crazyness and their evening "story times". The hall was always filled with blasted music (usually, multiple stereos blasting at once) and many very interesting smells. (Thanks to perfume and many different air fresheners!!).

As some may know, the creators of the legendary pantstitution created an ammendment that allowed only the girls of 9S to copy them in any shape or form, and Danielle Didear and Kathleen O'Halloran, two very "special" girls of 9S, accepted that honor and ran up and down the hallway for about 10 minutes (until amour shouted "put some clothes on unless you want everyone to see pictures!"):O)

Then, there was the poor child who was terribly harassed by miss amour because of a note that was left in her room (that was soooo tipropriate!! like you dont even know... there was nothing wrong w/ it... well, nothing THAT bad!).

But the one, most memorable night, was Wednesday (i guess more like Thursday morning) of that last week, when a slect few of the 9S girls created the circle of trust.... for reasons that, if stated, would betray it's very existance.

Basically, these girls were the life of Kansas, term 1, 2006!!!

The TRUE 9S girls (as refered to in the pantstitution):

    • Danielle D
    • Kathleen O
    • Priya F
    • Stephanie G
    • Erin A
    • Catherine P