Amrita's Sexy Ladies

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Amrita's Sexy Ladies are members of the Duke East Term One 2009 RAG supervised by the RC who goes by the name of Amrita Devalapalli. They were a third year RAG located on the third floor in the dorm room known as Brown. Coincidence? They happened to be the only female RAG on the floor, although boundaries were upsettingly set.

Members and Superlatives

The members of this RAG, along with their superlatives are listed below:

  • Jordan R.: Most likely to have the most TIP spirit (pinata/dreams).
  • Katie C.: Most likely to wait, who do you like again?
  • Ashleigh C.: Most likely to get a letter everyday.
  • Cappy P.: Most likely to be happy.
  • Sarah G.: Most likely to have her stuff thrown out the window.
  • Mary Liza H.: Most likely to be your mother.
  • Namwan L.: Most likely to be Jeffry with a sexy mustache.
  • Amanda M.: Most likely to be least likely to dine in the Union.
  • Vaughan N.: Most likely to have the most letters for a single syllable in a name.
  • Wanting "Helen" Z.: Most likely to be wild...(but privately).
  • Ayshali G.: Most likely to be eating Indian trail mix.
  • Katherine S.: Most likely to be talking about Wake Forest while reading a book.
  • Amrita Devalapalli: Most likely to have a threesome with Will Harris and lets not forget, Peter Sloan (WAMPETA).

RAG Night Activities

  • On the night of Tuesday, June 16, 2009, the first RAG Night occurred. They traveled as a group to Ninth Street, with the addition of two other RCs, one by the name of Terricia.

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