Andrew Toale

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Andrew is a Tip legend. He's from Sarasota, Florida. He attended Davidson Term 1 2012, East Term 1 2013, and East Term 1 2014. He is commonly known as Horse Man, Andrew Purple, Kilt Boy, Purple Hair, Super hot smokin' greaser boy, ect ect ect. He impregnated the entirety of Kate's RC group with his sexy dancing moves on June 20th, 2014. He is not interested in paying child support. He owns the infamous horse mask that circulated campus and resulted in the Oh, Caligula skit. At the second Decade Dance, he dressed up with Maggie as greasers and his dancing killed everyone. He slicked his hair back and it was hot as fuck. He wore a kilt on the first day of East 2014. He wears a leather jacket every single day, despite it being like 107 degrees. He once gave it to Maggie 2 when she had period cramps. The TSA took his belt. His hair is sometimes purple, sometimes pink, sometimes yellow, with some blue in it. He's very intimidating looking but is actually just a sweetheart. Andrew was a hot piece of ass, so of course he had numerous relationtips.

Interior crocodile alligator, I drive a chevrolet movie theater.

lolwhat. Here's some information from Duke East Term 1 2013, when I was in his Algebra 2 class. He dressed up as a hippie for the first dance and found some marijuana-looking leaves and pranced around with them. Spent a lot of time texting his girlfriend. Went home early because he had bad headaches, sometime in the middle of the second week. Once got a royal flush the moment he sat down for poker because some people cannot shuffle after BS. Spent a lot of time out of class. Tried to set a record for the most times of crossing the threshold without being caught. Danced around the residency hall, Bassett, to Weed Circulation. I didn't got to TIP in 2014, though, so I don't know how he has changed since. To be honest, I thought he looked like Meteos.