Ani Bryce

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Ani Bryce, officially named Tatiana, went to Davidson in 2014 and East Term 1 from 2015-2017. She took Shakespearience first year, Writing to Change the World second year, Bach 2 Rock third year, and PILF fourth year. In 2016 the Book of Dev was passed down to her onstage by Ro Harvey. She was a mother of many children including Soren, Ani, Sadie, Hailey, Lizzie, Dayne, Samuel and many others. She also began a movement called #justiceforani because she was not allowed to, as Ethan Saffold stated, "throw that ass in peace". She may or may not be planning to go to ninth street next year with the rising fourth year class. She loved TIP more than anything and it was truly her home.

Fourth year will: I, Ani Bryce, of deeply chaotic mind and self-embracing body, hereby bequeath the following to: KIRI endless pride and my tip journey, GABBY songs in my head, BTR James’ soul, PILF James’ soul, RO infinite gratitude, MAC interpretive poetry and perfect liner, MATTHEW greetings and Kanye himself, DAVID a personality, NOAH C the six, LIZZIE a functional yuke and a love of Jesus, ETHAN twerking and DDLG’s, HAILEY the body posi painting and a new ankle, KARLYN eternal litness forevaaa, BELLA a hot garbage man, SARAH DOUGLAS fedoras, LARA canada, SARAH hipsterness, ANNIE sleep texting, CAROLINE salsa-ing, CAROLINE clown shoes and the fleekiest eyebrows, CLAIRE jew crew, RYAN AND OLIVER first kisses, TOSCA all the maxi dresses, CARTER motherly love, LOUISE your new home Durham, CASSIE all of the grapes, MIRIAM henna highlights, HILLARY immeasurable slayage, MIRANDA the lost hand, SADIE make me proud, ANI my name’s legacy, LEAH jewness and zumba, NOAH ungendered nail polish, DAYNE booty shorts, SAMUEL everlasting strong morality, ADMIN lost traditions, THOSE NOT MENTIONED my deepest apologies, MYSELF justice, QUESTIONING TIPSTERS acceptance from both yourself and others, THIRD YEARS spirit of tradition, FOURTH YEARS a huge huge hug, and DUKE TIP my heart, love, and soul forever and always.

(Not included in will): SOREN all my insights and love for the happy and the sad times, BENCHES the penis game, STAFF musica blanca, UNICOLT Jack Dawson himself, DOGGY x3 rest in peace, MY PARENTS all the gratitude, EAST the gays, SECOND YEARS come back, RIVERS AND ROADS AND HOME my tears, B DUKE AND BALDWIN sanctity forever. Thank you all for an adventure of a lifetime, these 12 weeks were the best of my life and I have never been more grateful and happy to have experienced them. I love you with all my heart.