Animal Behavior (Davidson)

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This course is taught at Davidson (exclusively term 2) and teaches animal behaviors, survival mechanisms and behaviors and well as genetics, chemistry and general biology.

Davidson Term 2 2011

This class was instructed by Adam DeGraffenreid (instructor) and Eldridge Wisely (TA).

The class (in no particular order): Tyler Tinari, Kobina (Kobi) Johnson, Jacob Smith, Eric Cho, Emma Lam, Finn O'Connor, Nikki Abis, Anna Glassman, Allison Reese, Vivian Zhou, Kyle Verhaeg, Jaelithe Virgin-Downey, Julia Clements, Melissa DeBorde (fix if incorrect)

Davidson Term 2 2012

Instructor: Adam DeGraffenreid TA: Michael aka Mike aka Magic Mike (quickly banned(in front of him, anyway)) Students: Hannah Neiditz, Luke Smith, Colin Lefel, Sarah Wesley, Avery Herman, Chase Crosby, Brigid Chandler, Eleanor Goff, Skanda Sastry, Ana Thomas-Laroque, and Carrington Metts. And Max (LastName)

This class was amazingly fun and everybody got really close to each other. We learned a lot while at the same time having a lot of fun (evening studies). Some highlights of the class was the hike to see the goats, animal charades (hahaha)(Never, ever forget the great math debating crocodiles incident), going to Ben and Jerry's, Chase explaining panda cannibalism and mating habits, and Mr. D showing us his wedding evolution of dance video. Break was often spent playing some intense games of ultimate. Overall a great class that everybody had a great time taking.

Labs: getting fruit flies drunk, dissecting fish, roly poly stuff, salty soap spit Projects: important animal scientist, end of term animal behavior