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Anna's RC group was the most epic, awesome, and closely knit RC group that Davidson had ever seen--no contest. Names for this group of 12.5 ah-mazing TIPsters included Candyland and The Coolest RC Group Ever. These TIPsters lived on the fourth floor Sentelle (Belk was closed for renovations).

After a single day of complete awkwardness, spilled Pringles, free candy from strangers, and *shudder* mingling, they became probably the closest RC group in the history of TIP. They are still in touch more than three years later.



According to the Termbook, she is most likely to get hit by thunder. She shared a room with no one, because RCs are extremely lucky. Anna had lots of SHOES in her closet (which is pretty rare, because clearly most people fill their closets with dead bodies) as well as a chandelier decal from Target on her wall. Anna introduced at least one TiPster to the wonder (horror?) that is Mean Girls. While ordering Chinese food for her RC group one day, the delivery man kept flirting with her, which was awkward, creepy, and pretty hilarious. Unfortunately, the TiPsters rather enjoyed Chinese food, so. . . .

Anna was a fabulous RC. She often entertained her TiPsters with stories of her year at school. Such stories included:

--"Wah-wah": When her friend was sick, Anna (like the responsible adult that she was) took care of her. Once, Anna's friend was thirsty for water, but due to her ailing state could only make out the phrase "wah-wah". This led to Anna's TiPsters frequently referring to the beverage as "wah-wah".

--"In Loco Parentis": Anna was once shopping with her brother (who is five years younger than her) when a salesperson came up to her and informed her of the store's policy about unaccompanied minors. To keep things simple, Anna told the salesperson that she was her brother's mother. The salesperson instantly brightened, okay with the situation even though there were obvious problems.

--"Anna's Roommate": Anna had the pleasure of sharing her (handicapped-accessible) school dorm room with an amusingly short person (with a matching short temper and an attention problem). Enough said.


2011 Davidson Term 1 Shakespearience

According to the Termbook, she is most likely to be afraid of twins. She shared a room with AB and Peri. Coincidentally (or not), all three of them were homeschooled. She sometimes goes by Macbeth. She’s allergic to peanuts, but not gummy bears, as shown by her huge bag of the creatures. That bag was three pounds. You read that right. Three pounds of delicious gummy bears. Let's say that she, AB, and Peri devoured them fairly quickly. . . .

Caroline was fortunate enough to listen to vortex stories almost every night. (A vortex story is the highest point of improvisational gory story telling that you can achieve. It is downright wacked and the colors are severely ugly. Most of the time, TIPsters change from one person into another and your family dies. To hear some vortex stories, please contact Becca and her iPhone 5 commercial.) Tormented by the Institutional Twins and their vortex stories, Caroline decided to torment them back by performing acts of "The Cheese Knife". Most of the time, this was achieved by replacing the word "dagger" in Macbeth's speech from Shakespeare's play Macbeth in Act 2.1 with "cheese knife". Perhaps a cheese knife had been mentioned earlier that day?

Caroline was an amazing roommate and anyone who has the chance to room with her is one of the luckiest people on earth. (Just make sure that a collection of gummy-bear-encrusted cheese knives is obtained beforehand.)


2011 Davidson Term 1 Shakespearience

2012 Duke East Term 2 Bach to Rock

2013 Duke East Term 1 Philosophy of Time

2014 Duke East Term 1 Symbols and Structures

Also known as the Lucky Winner, Lucy shared a room with Eujin. She also was in Shakesperience (come to think of it, many of the group’s members were). Lucy is a [delusional] fairy princess with 512 named and decorated leeches. Why leeches? Because they suck out the ouchie! [IF YOU LIKE IT THEN YOU SHOULDA PUT A LEECH ON IT] Lucy is really the sweetest person ever.

She hosted the talent show with her good friend Taylor in 2014, much to the pride of Emma, who was there.


2011 Davidson Term 1 Business Strategy

2012 Duke East Term 1 Apocalypse Soon

According to the termbook, she is most likely to break out dancing. Peri shared a room with AB and Caroline. When rooming with AB and Caroline Peri often got involved in fruitless debates with Caroline about the air-conditioning. Peri is homeschooled, and has one whole sibling and many half-siblings. She and AB are going to the same high school. As of December 2011 Peri is in a relationTiP with Fish, and their cuteness frequently inspires Emma to squee [Nota bene: this relationTiP ended, but the two are still friends]. Peri has a rather wicked yet delightful sense of humor and is always fun to be around.

[note: whoever rooms with both Caroline and AB is one of the luckiest people in the world. The way to be the luckiest person? Be in an RC group with all of these wonderful people and throw salt over your left shoulder at every meal. . . and then, when you are alone, spin around three times counterclockwise and seven times clockwise while chanting the call of Merlin backwards.]


2011 Davidson Term 1 Shakespearience

2012 Duke East Term 2 Haunted Places

2013 Duke East Term 1 Apocalypse Soon

2014 Duke East Term 2

According to the Termbook, she is most likely to be in your closet. She shared a room with Aparna and (for a day) Brittany. Lara-cay enjoys dancing and not being called a particular nickname by her TiP friends.


2011 Davidson Term 1 Lab Sciences

2012 Duke West Term 1 Forensics

2013 Duke West Term 1 Biology of Cancer

2014 Duke West Term 1

According to the Termbook, she is most likely to move to another planet. She shared a room with Caroline and Peri. AB has short hair, which has led her to be able to share lots of stories with her RC mates about being mistaken for a boy. The day after TiP AB got her ears pierced with the partial intention of reducing these awkward encounters but it did not appear to work. When at home, AB enjoys hauling mortar blocks [actually they're cinderblocks...] for exercise, XHTML coding (she even made a website for their make-up line of questionable repute!), and learning Japanese. AB is quite witty and can tell a great story. . . she is definitely someone that one would enjoy being stuck on an elevator with.

Just like Caroline, AB is one amazing roommate and a wonderful Institutional Twin. Her vortex stories were well crafted and deeply inspiring. Just the fact that AB and Peri went up to the same person and gave them the ITSmile without communicating it beforehand shows how in-sync they were. Favorite things for Peri and AB to say to each other included "I'm hot, you drink water" --in reference to the signs on the doors of the dorm halls-- and "Yo man wassup yo?" --in homage of cross-dress day. AB introduced Peri to Evanescence, leaving Peri questioning her ability to return the favor. . . whoever rooms with AB is also one of the luckiest people in the world.

As of July 2014, AB has been involved in a relationTiP for one year. She is careful not to divulge too many details of her life to the RC group, as they would probably explode from excitement.


2011 Davidson Term 1 Zoology

According to the Termbook, she is most likely to buy out CVS. She shared a room with Emma, and was a pretty awesome roommate. For example, the first week Emma consistently woke her up at ungodly hours of the day/night, and all Haley would do is maintain an expression of slightly pained tolerance. (Eventually Emma found out that leaving the room as soon as she got up and socializing in the hallway was a good solution [aka waiting outside doors for others to wake up], but that is another story.) Haley also let Emma read her People magazines, which provided much amusement for Emma (specifically, Britney Spears' outfit for her son's kindergarten graduation and Paris Hilton's how-I-got-into-shape story, as follows:)

Q: What inspired you to get into shape?

PH: Well, one time I was wearing a skintight leather catsuit and someone asked me if I was pregnant. That was just hurtful!

Q: How have you changed your lifestyle?

PH: I had a nightclub on the third floor of my mansion and I renovated it into a gym.

Haley does cheerleading and plays volleyball. She has blond hair and is one of the most awesome people you will ever meet.


2011 Davidson Term 1 Engineering

2012 Duke East Term 1 Spy 101

According to the Termbook, she is most likely to be someone we are proud to know. She shared a room with Becca (when she was out of her habitat) and Zoya.

Meredith is extremely pretty (the quoted term was "shark bait") and tall. However, she does not enjoy basketball as some people commonly assume. Anna's RC would have lots of fun after meals sending Meredith to stand casually by the basketball camps so that heights could be compared. (She was always taller.)

The Elusive Becca

2011 Davidson Term 1 Mathematical Problem Solving

According to the Termbook, she is most likely to be walked by her friends. She shared a room with Meredith and Zoya. The Elusive Becca's natural habitat is the brick wall of CVS, but most brick walls will do, actually. Her predator has signature apparel,but for the sake of internet kidness, we will not disclose his name. Becca is famous for coming up with the iPhone 5, which has NO BUTTONS (basically, if it turns off, then you can try throwing it at a wall, but results may vary). She eats carrots with every meal, can eat an ice cream sandwich in two bites, enjoys eating the marshmallows in Lucky Charms last, and looks like she is crying when she is laughing. She has her own leash.


2011 Davidson Term 1 Architecture

2012 Duke East Term 1 Symbols & Structure

2013 Duke East Term 1 History of the Future

2014 Duke East Term 1 Political Cultures and Countercultures

According to the Termbook, she is most likely to wake up at 4 [nope, 2] am. She shared a room with Haley, but was frequently found waiting outside Becca's door. Emma has a unique sense of humor and enjoys doing crosswords and hiding from her neighbors, who have gone so far as to lock her in the basement. [It was an accident, they say. We know better.] Miss Commander Emma has an uncanny way with unmotivated people, making her the perfect drill sergeant. She also has a way with the Elusive Becca, and can keep up with her while walking her.

Emma is now a meme! And at such a young age too. We are all very proud of her and her breakfast shenanigans.

Of Anna's RC group, Emma likely holds the record for most TIPunions, which her RC group envies. (She also holds the record for most French music videos distributed to her RAG, but that didn't seem quite prestigious enough to stand alone.) Emma was the main driving force behind keeping her RC group in contact for the first year or so, and should be hailed as a superior being for her communication and entertainment skills that kept her RAG close and brought them even closer over the three years they have known each other.


2011 Davidson Term 1 Lab Sciences

According to the Termbook, she is most likely to get white-out in her hair. She shared a room with Meredith and Becca. Zoya was infamous for complaining about cataloging grasshoppers, and had white-out stuck in her hair for several weeks as a result of the activity. This, combined with her various aches and pains, led Emma to tease her about being elderly one Sunday morning. Zoya is hilarious in her combination of humor and sensibility, and in her love for Ron Weasley. Over the course of TiP, Zoya tried to read the entire Harry Potter series seven times, in preparation for the movie. Unfortunately, she was unable to do so because of the great social enthusiasm of her RC group.


2011 Davidson Term 1 Business Strategy

According to the Termbook, she is most likely to explain the rules at a sporting event. She shared a room with Lucy. Eujin was the master of unintentional comedy, telling all matter of wacky stories from her English class [description to follow].


2011 Davidson Term 1 Engineering

2013 Duke West Term 1 Biology of Cancer

According to the Termbook, she is most likely to be reading during a natural disaster [or a bomb]. She shared a room with Clara and (for a day full of BOOKS) Brittany. Aparna is super-sweet but self-conscious, something that Emma is always bothering her about. Aparna has beautiful long curly black hair and often spent time with lonely Emma during breaks.


According to the Termbook, she was most likely to own a personal library. She shared a room with Clara and Aparna before leaving TIP the first Wednesday morning due to a family emergency.

UPDATE: As of August 2013, three of the rest of the members of Anna's RAG are Facebook friends with Brittany, in a move of social progression!


Autumn can rap. And sing. And dougie. And act. And become an honorary member of the RC group. No, really. What can't Autumn do? Well, other than do her own subtle makeup.

During the first day of TiP, Autumn paraded around around the floor with her margarita glass of Mountain Dew, asking people to be her friends. This led to *shudder* mingling, and was an excellent icebreaker for the TiPsters. Therefore, they can all credit Autumn as The One Who Brought Them Together (oh. and this was not written by her. Honest.)


Later, she bought an enormous amount of Mountain Dew at the local CVS, a favorite haunt of the TiPsters, and surprised all of her floormates (is that even a word?) by drinking it all, which led to a super intense sugar high. She technically was in Sade's RC group, and was in the Shakesperience class along with Lucy, Caroline, and Clara.

Barbara Streisand*

According to the Termbook, she was most likely to make duck sauce. Nobody recalls her as their roommate...


To be continued... that means you, Emma. [WOOT]

Anna's RC Group began bonding on the very first unofficial day when it was raining (as we all know, thunder kills Tipsters). (In theory, they had already met When Emma Spilled The Pringles and Autumn danced on the pole inside Becca's closet but that hardly counts.) Anna's RC's honorary member Autumn broke the ice by strolling into the lounge bearing a margarita glass full of Mountain Dew NOT A MARGARITA BECAUSE THAT IS NOT TIPPROPRIATE. At this point, Meredith brought out the famed Sour Patch Kids and history was made as their nickname was shortened to children. Even with her wet perm, Autumn managed to rally the intimidated TiPsters by making a margarita on the rocks with children salt around the edges. This was followed by THE CLEAR GREEN STONE story [description to follow]. This eventually led to the revealing of Emma's massive and irrational fear of her neighbors, which sometimes led her to drastic actions such as hiding under couches. Lucy arrived at 5 when everyone was going to dinner and Zoya arrived at around 5:30.

For the very first RC meeting many truths and lies were exchanged, all of which centered more or less around cats. (Because it's always the cats, guys. Always.) It was also at this meeting that Peri asked what the purpose the boxes above the closets was--she jokingly asked if they were body-boxes and HISTORY WAS MADE.

The next morning after breakfast Anna's RC played the initial series of mafia games in which Aparna was mercilessly targeted, especially by the hot chocolate. This was followed by THE GAME OF TAG. (If you do not know what this is you are blessed.) THE GAME OF TAG was suggested by the group when they were milling around the walking grass with absolutely nothing to do. It wasn't a very good idea, because one lone TiPster was wearing heels (not willingly) and there was a great range of athletic abilities. Becca, who ran track, eventually was only playing with a single boy.

Since Anna's RC had the absolute last sign-up sheet time the first night, everyone was left to sign up for Jam Session. This was a very intimidating prospect to the mostly shy/not musically talented RC, but the event ended up being okay once everyone got to chatting. Becca told the infamous Bourban Street story and introduced everyone to the "Demented Bunny Game" [description to follow]. While escaping from the horror that is the Demented Bunny Game, Aparna then found the cleanest public bathrooms in the world, which is clearly very important. Peri and Brittany bravely sang, with Autumn rapping under the condition that Becca sing as much of the chorus to Empire State of Mind as she could remember.

It was this night that Autumn, Meredith, and Haley discovered that they could "communicate" with the people in Cannon. This turned out to be a slightly scarring experience as it was learned that a) the frosted glass in the shower stall right next to the outer wall was not entirely frosted and b) people did weird things in their rooms, like wear clown masks. Various messages (CAN YOU SEE ME? in green highlighter) drawn on notebook paper were held up to the windows (the windows were not allowed to be opened) until the following day when it was pointedly noted to the campus that there was to be no dorm-to-dorm window communications.

Tuesday was RC Group night for these Tipsters, and for their RC night they went to Main Street in order to visit CVS and Ben & Jerry's. After waiting in an incredibly long line for their various desserts (the strawberry-lemonade smoothie was especially good, and Emma would later replicate it at her house) Anna's RC graffiti-ifed the chalkboard table with TIP jokes. Outside Ben & Jerry's is where the only complete RC photo was taken. CVS was interesting in that Anna's RC's clothing set off the alarm upon entry, but nothing much was purchased save the lilac and lime green nail polish and more children. While waiting outside the CVS (there was a limited amount of RC groups allowed inside at one time) it was noticed that Becca was trying very hard to blend into the brick wall upon the threat of appearance of a TIP acquaintance. Thus it is that the brick wall outside of CVS is Becca's Wild habitat, and her predator Shall Not Be Named.

Even after breakfast was no longer mandatory, Anna's RC always ate breakfast together at the long table in the back of the room so that they could all talk to each other. This was actually slightly difficult, as there was only a single area that could seat 12. (Brittany had left by then.) Anna's RC would also collect laundry together, even signing multiple leases so that they could bring their friends' laundry back to them.

The first weekend was full of events. Friday was the first dance, which was just. . . interesting. The theme for the dance was blacklight. After being explained to that black lights make white and neon colors glow, Aparna and Lucy decided to wear their recently made tie-dye T-shirts. The only problem with that idea was that the shirts needed a few more hours to dry. Undeterred, the RC group pooled all of their hairdryers and started the difficult task of drying the shirts. Aparna suggested that they do it in the room she shared with Clara, so the hairdryers were plugged in and in just ten minutes. . . the fuse blew. Clara was rather upset, and Lucy and Aparna ended up wearing slightly wet clothes to the dance. It was Emma's first ever dance. Everyone sat around until about 8:30, when Taio Cruz's Dynamite was played and the mood of the dance changed. Clara lost her voice at this dance, and it was before this dance that Emma's Bellatrix picture was taken.

Saturday afternoon was the photo scavenger hunt. Anna graciously let the RC use her pseudo-Polaroid camera to take pictures. Due to Aparna's rare preparedness and backup camera, enthusiasm (a large part of this was Miss Commander Emma's constant threats and contradictions) and pure amazing-ness and closeness, Anna's RC got second overall, first girls' group, and nice cold popsicles.

Saturday evening brought the infamous KANNAPOLIS INTIMIDATORS baseball game against the Greensboro Grasshoppers (the Intimidators won 1-0 in the eleventh inning), which Anna's RC rightly used as a social opportunity and not just as a place to get Bam-Bams and avoid The Red Shirt. The bus ride up was half of the fun... where the lake was steaming, Lucy leeched her toe, and everyone was talking to everyone. Emma had Dippin' Dots for the first time at this game, and it was at this kiosk that the famous Little Kid Conversation took place (as follows):

CHILD: I would like a little bit of everything, please!

BECCA: Sorry, but that's going to be gross.

EMMA: Becca!

APARNA: You'll have to excuse Becca. She's been in the psyche ward for two months.

EMMA: Got out yesterday.

CHILD: (making an incredibly cute face) That's okay, I'm crazy too.

Emma, Becca, and Aparna saw lots of interesting sights, such as small children in baseball uniforms and adults complaining about the many trips they would have to make to the Beer Tent in order to get enough alcohol. Emma and Becca also had a conversation with the Intimidator mascot, asking it if it was an alligator or a crocodile.(Um, it was obviously a mixture of them both...) There was also a picture taken of Becca with the Chick-fil-a cow. On the way back in the coach bus blaring '90s music many fake (yet realistic) scam/advertisements/prank calls were produced by Aparna, Emma and Becca [description to follow].

Sunday morning was full of hardcore Tipsync practice. Anna's RC selected Mulan's "I'll Make A Man Out of You" and their dance was largely choreographed by Haley, Clara, and Meredith. To their credit most people allowed themselves to be woken up in order to rehearse on the second floor. The rest of the morning was spent watching Royal Pains (after no one wanted to watch the news with Emma) and marveling over the oddness of commercials (most famously, this one.) All of their hard work culminated in this masterpiece and the "Best Choreographed" award.

The following Tuesday for RC Group night Anna's RC had planned to watch Tangled and nosh on Chinese food, but alas Tangled was DVD ONLY and to be saved for next RC Group night. Anna's RC ended up watching Mean Girls (for many of them, a first) and learned many important things, like how sometimes when you multiply two negative numbers you get a positive number, and that pushing people under a bus solves all problems. It was this night that it rained during evening activities, leaving many RC groups stranded until eleven.

The second week was Spirit Week! in honor of Summerfest. The days' themes were as followed (in chronological order): Decades Day, Wacky-Tacky Day, Wear-A-Skirt Wednesday, and Colors Day. Most of Anna's RC noted Decades Day by wearing their (now dry) tie-dyed t-shirts. For Wacky-Tacky Day, Anna was kind enough to distribute red Mardi Gras beads-- because "it's always tacky to wear Mardi Gras beads when it isn't Mardi Gras." Wear-A-Skirt Wednesday is self-explicable. . . most of Anna's RC used their own clothes, but several brave souls borrowed clothes from boys in their classes. It is difficult to remember if any clothes were loaned out, since the general feeling towards sharing clothes was squeamish. One of the fine points of the day was the discovery of the multitude of pockets in boys' shorts. Anna's RC also delighted in awarding male versions of their names to each other.

Later Encounters


In September (?) of 2011, Autumn and Aparna ran into each other at a statewide singing competition.

In October of 2011, AB came to visit Emma for a weekend. It was very lovely, even though Emma was an extremely awkward host and forced AB to watch at least three episodes of Toddlers and Tiaras and subjected her to a very weird version of Apples to Apples. Emma was really happy, though, and had a lot of fun even though her hosting skills were sub-par.

no it was just completely lovely


In June of 2012, Peri came to stay with Emma before they both left for Duke East Term I, where they ended up being in the same RAG. They did lots of exciting things, like complain about the heat and eat sandwiches.

In July of 2012, Lucy came to stay with Emma before she went to Duke East Term II. Lucy and Emma also had lots of fun, seeing as Emma was getting better at the whole hosting concept. When Emma dropped off Lucy, they ran into Clara (who was in Lucy's RAG!) and the three girls had lunch together with Lucy's roommate.

In August (?) of 2012, Peri and AB began attending the same online high school.


In January of 2013, Emma and her (loving) dad took a road trip to visit Aparna, Eujin, and Autumn, although Eujin ended up not being able to make it. They went to the local aquarium and it was amazing.

During TiP 2013, those who actually went to TiP were split up. Autumn, AB and Aparna went to West (is Best) and Emma, Lucy, and Clara went to East (is Beast). But then there was a before/after reunion at Emma's house that will be explained later... (that means you) (it always means me doesn't it)(For the record, Emma, Lucy, and Clara had the MOST fun.)

In July 2013, Emma visited AB. (There are no more words here because the participants feel they cannot fully express the wonderful time that comprised those short days in July.)


In March of 2014, AB visited Emma.

In June of 2014, Lucy flew in early to hang out with Emma before TiP 2014. Because Autumn and AB are lame, they did not.

In October of 2014, AB visited Emma.


In April 2015, Aparna visited Emma.


In January 2016, AB visited Emma.

In November 2016, Emma visited AB at college.


In February 2017, Emma visited AB at college.


American Pie, Don McLean

Time Warp, Rocky Horror Picture Show

Pretty Girl Rock, Keri Hilson

Just A Dream, Nelly

I'll Make A Man Out of You, Mulan

If I Die Young, The Band Perry

Barbra Streisand, Duck Sauce

Brown-Eyed Girl, Van Morrison

I'm Coming Home, Skylar Grey

Dynamite, Taio Cruz

You Belong With Me, Taylor Swift

Jar of Hearts, Christina Perri

Everytime We Touch, Cascada

Love the Way You Lie, Rihanna and Eminem