Annual Ultimate Tournament

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The annual Ultimate tournament is played in the second week of every TIP session to determine the staff student ultimate game.

Past Games

Most recently, team Zach Yoneda Fan Club, named after Alspaugh's RHL Zach Yoneda, rolled to a resounding victory. The core of that team, including Sam Warlick, Thomas Sayre-McCord, Ross Green, Alex Peerman, Thomas Abbot, Tyler Fitch (better known to some as AC/DC), Mario McGregor and Emma Johnson, as well as inclusions Matt Ritchie and Graham Watt, went on to be victorious, 15-8, over the Staff team in the staff-student game later that term.

This page seems to have not been updated in a long time due to the fact that on West Campus Term I 09 the students led by third year captains and beat a Staff team lead by the aforementioned now an RC. The team beat the staff 7-4 in a game forced to be shortened by poor planning by the staff that led to it getting dark mid-game. Other key members to this team were fourth years Ryan Kristianson, Joe Blocker, and Scott Englar. Austin Hartly was also and Bode Fayle also were key contributors as well as one of the best girl ultimate players to attend TIP: .

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