Architecture in the Urban Environment

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This is a class focused on designing and studying architecture.

Rice University 2018 Term 1

The class was instructed by Charlie and Merrick. The first week consisted of drawing crumpled paper at different time intervals, drawing lines, and connecting dots. After a while, we stopped drawing lines and connecting dots, but no way could we stop drawing crumpled paper. Who would want to?

Notable Events

  • first day icebreakers
    • this was the first real introduction to Leo and his pure genius
  • watching Inception and Arrival and being salty because of the endings
  • drawing crumpled paper 24/7
  • the pie heist
  • pointless debates
    • are grapes just young wine?
    • are french fries cookies?
    • is water wet? (still yes)
    • are pop tarts ravioli?
    • is pineapple on pizza acceptable?
  • be outside the dining hall by __:45
  • a 9 day streak of "no accidents"
  • "it could be better"
  • "everything=nothing"
  • when everyone turned into Leo and suddenly Merrick decided to be on Leo's side for every debate
  • "1=2"
  • when Merrick and Charlie gave us the crumpled paper pins and it was a pretty big deal
  • all the memes on the groupme