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The Term II Arielle

Also known (by Benny) as "Lil' Sis", Arielle was a 2nd year from TIP East Term II 2006. She is quite short and looks like a little girl (like any age between 8 and 14) and it's kinda funny. She is verrry cynical and hates being bopped on the head. She is known for her statement on the last night that Alegro should get credit for the Lean Wit it Rock Wit it line that Benny started, which stemmed from Benny being upset that the pic of the line HE started not only didn't show him, but showed Alegro instead and Benny said he should at least get credit for starting the line and Arielle said "no...Alegro should" which made Benny go on a 2 1/2 hour rant and path of rage in which he was tempted to beat Alegro to a pulp.(this is one of the many reasons why benny and alegro almost came to blows). She opposes hugs and doesn't feel that people should cry on the last day b/c "u knew it was only for 3 weeks when it started" She is also known for being the girl who Alegro asked to dance with him. and she thinks that Benny is mean to Alegro. She is amazing at soccer and verrry fast. Also amazing at ERS.

Arielle is also know for mean comments made in her SEL class at East 2006. While most people are under the impression that she is a sweet little girl, others know otherwise. She has made comments such as "Come and get me" and "cripple" that have reduced many a Tipster to tears.