Arthur Young Fan Club

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Hi, this is a fan club for the most popular and amazing TIPster at Duke TIP ASU Term 1, 2019, and possibly in the whole entire universe until the end of time, Arthur Young! It consists of basically everyone he's ever met, and if you're wondering why, then you're obviously not one of those lucky few. He is an amazing friend/roommate/kazoo player, and be sure to fall to your knees in awe if you are ever so lucky to meet him in person. Everyone who knows him misses him dearly and will follow him wherever he goes throughout her next few years of TIP because they know that that's where the party will be! In the words of his first (and probably only) RC, the famous Haylee Peters from Duke East, "Arthur Young is a ratatoeing, foot loving, meme making, clout wearing,screaming, dancing, yelling, aggressive emo boi. He spends his time making Haylee as uncomfy as possible and also consistently flexes on everyone with SPACE ACADEMY. 72 kazoos." And in the words of his roommate, Laura Hand, "There is no one else in this entire building that I would rather be roommates with than you and Terrance. Please don't shove him up my ear." As you can see, Mister Arthur Young is definitely one of TIP's finest.