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Ask Xiao a Question was one of Xiao's mandatory activities, or just something to occupy time when he didn't know how to control his children during activities. It was used during Swing Dancing, The Durham Bulls game, and For a group Rag Night. Xiao had to answer any question he was asked, in the utmost honesty. The only question he refused to answer was: "What did you see in my files?. If asked about the night in question, none of Xiao's rag will report what happened that night. As Alex put it best: " It brought us closer together, like brothers"

During Term 1 2006, Jeffrey famously asked cynical questions. Max asked easy questions such as "If you could be any color, what would it be and why?" so Xiao called on Max when he needed a break from all the other questions, which were 97% sex related.

Near the end of Term II, 2006, a staff higher-up vetoed further Ask Xiao a question activities. In response, Xiao planned a curiously similar activity known as "Asian Man Shares Tales Of Wisdom". (edit by COOKIEZ!: there was another version of Asian Man at West 1 09 by the "cool asian", RC Andrew)

During Term 1 2008 a former member of Xiao's RAG, came back and reinvigorated the activity with his version of it, "Ask Alex a question". there were some certain similarities between these two activities, for instance there was also a Max in this group and he asked all the easy questions also, however 90% of the other questions were also sex related, "it made us like brothers".