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Best known for her chill demeanor, friendship bracelets, flawless style, and Signature Dance Move™ that is a classy mix between raising the roof and hitting the woah, Audrey Goff has been a TiPster for all four years. She will probably be a famous, Oscar-winning filmmaker in 20 or 30 years. Seriously.

Years at TiP

First Year (2016)

Audrey attended Term 2 at Trinity University her first year, and took the Speculative Fiction class.

Second Year (2017)

Audrey went to Rice University Term 2 and took Philosophy in Literature and Film. She also filled her lanyard to the absolute brim with buttons.

Third Year (2018)

Audrey made the switch from Texas to NC and made Duke East her new TiP home. She went to Duke East Term 1, and took the Celluloid Visions class. At the end of term, the Thomas Hat relic was passed down to her, officially making her one of the chillest people on campus.

Fourth Year (2019)

Back at Duke East Term 1, Audrey took the Ethics and the Little White Lie course. In Ethics, it could be argued that Audrey was the most logical and reasonable, and the least likely to go off on a tangent or get into (really oddly specific) hypotheticals. She is also responsible for the trademark image of the Ethics Term 1 2019 class: the cheetah, rabbit, and baby. In terms of TiP's social aspect, Audrey exercised her rights as a fourth year by leading multiple Doggy Doggy chants and schooling Greenies on traditions. She also made copious amounts of friendship bracelets. Most of all, Audrey made Duke East a welcoming and loving environment for everyone by being inclusive, funny, and understanding. Audrey, throughout the term, had a certain je ne sais quois that perfectly captured the spirit of TiP. The legacy that she leaves at East (one of kindness, bracelets, clown costumes, the Thomas Hat, and her dedication and love for TiP) will live on for many, many years to come.

Fun Facts

  • Audrey's special energy she brings to dances is truly unmatched.
  • During her fourth year, Audrey decided one morning before class that she wanted to purchase a clown costume. Just for fun. She then ordered said clown costume on Amazon and paid for one day shipping, wearing it on multiple occasions.
  • It would be a little concerning if you saw Audrey without her friendship bracelet kit on her.
  • She does not think that you should name your kid Apple.
  • She miraculously maintains a consistent and very aesthetic theme on Instagram.

Fourth Year Will

i, audrey goff, of chill mind and dad bod, hereby bequeath the following: to ana, a bumble profile, dr pepper, and all my motherly love; to kate, a lesbian bracelet, an impulsive undercut, and a 12 step plan; to penelope, learning to woah and the best years of tip to come; to tate, knowing looks and a FamousBirthdays page; to brooke, a shit field of sunflowers and all my love; to lily smith, marriage and illegally petting dogs; to braden, a weed couch, stops at your lunch table, and buckets of my love; to katrina, my yellow hairband, quad fest chants, and a spot in my throbbing heart forever; to jude, a goodbye; to malia, the physical embodiment of my aesthetic; to lilly enekes, the second floor, a photography session, and the best hugs; to grey, sibling-hood; to ashley, three flights of stairs and a squished bug; to aiden, a. some brain cells and b. the death of fourth year rights; to pixley, bad choices and one day shipping; to emily jackson, a lifetime supply of incense and my forever changed perspective; to meredith, the crown you deserve, you icon; to josh, wagon wheels, QuA, and a slow dance; to megan, tiddies out for the world to see, my 1975 shirt, and the best damn documentary the world will ever see; to lotte, my friendship bracelet skills; to will, nutrition; to alex, a scarred mind; to liz, being on time and the ability to hear; to jordan, my chillness, not that you need it; to the intervention, an oscar and a thanks in the credits; to the lil trio, a walk around the quad and ginger shots; to the ethicult, tangents, oooOOOO tunnels, laughs, and late night confusion; to RC megan, lights out, locked doors, and a thank you for my best year, and RC, yet; to lucy, our single shared brain cell, open drawers, a high note, post-lights out conversations, a teen pregnancy, unheard alarms, awkward PDA, and being the best roommate i could ask for; and to duke tip, i leave twelve of the happiest, most transformative weeks of my life. thank you for all you’ve given me and more.