Audrey Smith

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Audrey Smith
Pronouns She/Her
Campus(es) Trinity(2015), Trinity(2016), Rice Term 1(2017)
Attended 2015, 2016, 2017
Course(s) Psychology (2015), Beyond Baker Street(2016), Game Theory: Economics(2017)
RAG(s) (2015), Erin(2016), Eva(2017
Roommate(s) Sophia Chang(2016)
Social Media

Tip 2015

Was in psychology class. Harassed the instructor through texting and calling him. Introduced the instructors to Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf, for some reason. Had a double dorm to herself. She threw tide pods off the balcony with her suitemate and also broke one of their beds. Finally got Isabella to say Sugar Bagels. On that note, violently insisted that donuts should be called Sugar Bagels.

Tip 2016

During the 2016 year, Audrey went to Trinity again because (i could be wrong, could be right) the dorms don't look like prison cells (a direct attack @ McMurtry). She was in Erin's RC Group and the class Beyond Baker Street, and once had Andreana's roommate's sock. Roomed with Sophia Chang whose mom stopped Ebola from spreading in America and whose dad owns a hospital(jfc). Friends of the almighty Lauren, yknow, that one girl that brought a large carrot plushie to the dance.


She started a yam trend, and has little to no recollection of how/why it blew up so quickly and became a thing. But it is. And we love it. All she knows is that she told someone about a dream she has involving yams and the next week it was everywhere and she was intimidated.

Tip 2017

During the 2017 year, good old Audrey Smith was forced by her dad to come back to Tip for a third year at Rice University Term One. She was in Game Theory Economics and was a member of Eva's RC group and was not a Skinhead, despite the thoughts of certain people/person/the person whomst'd've is writing this... But the only reason this unnamed person thought this was because she'd been watching too much Orange is the New Black, and there were skinheads there. Also, this didn't really make sense because she hung out with the most liberal kids in the camp, two of which were Jewish. (so sorry again audrey) Because of this, the person who thought she was a skinhead didn't talk to her, and she thought that that person thought that she was a skinhead so she didn't talk to her, either. Everyone's jimmies were rustled. (Just in case it's not clear, she isn't a skinhead. But she is super gay. And the two eventually did talk. It was glorious. And apparently they'd known each other from last year at Trinity. Ohmy.)

Major Quotes

  • "That really rustles my jimmies" (or any variation)
  • That thing she does when she's trying to figure out how to respond so she nods and shakes her head at the same time whilst changing facial expression
  • "Dude, that's kinda gay..." (despite being "kinda gay" herself)
  • Something that has to do with rats and needles that does Not need to be on here...
  • "Oh, God, no..."
  • (in response to any issue) "Beat them up."
  • "I don't get asthma attacks. I get p*ssy."
  • "Want som Heck"
  • "Renewable resources are my kink."
  • "Oh no!"
  • Anything about the hemp car
  • "Do you wanna hear about all the benefits of hemp?"

Sources of Fame

  • The NASA jacket. You know what I'm talking about.
  • The jeans. Those poor, abused, yet somehow still super cool pair of jeggings.
  • A room that smells mildly of Greek yogurt
  • Sticking a pin in her skin and then smiling because what's pain, right?
  • Huge pupils
  • Having a resting smiling face in an emotional situation
  • Chocolate lava cake
  • Carrying a knife the entire term just to remodel her jeans and nobody noticed
  • Somehow broke the window screen (Not somehow... She popped it out intentionally)
  • Putting up her leg at times when Her Leg should not be put up.

List of Things That Have Been/Currently Are Residing in the Infamous NASA Jacket

  • Andreana's LGBTQ+ button
  • A bowlful of Hershey Kisses from the last dance
  • A can of whipped cream
  • Pins. Can you guess why?
  • Rustled jimmies
  • Pieces of thread from those poor jeans, most likely
  • A Swiss Army knife except it's a card
  • A hairbrush (no she doesn't have any hair)
  • Amy Schumer's Lips
  • Mira's last day tears


Thomas is a ghost/spirit/I have no idea that resides underneath Audrey's bed. According to Andreana, he sounds like he's on drugs, but, apparently he's just gay. He came out to Audrey's dad as gay. Well, he was outed. Audrey's dad accepts him.