Augustus the Angsty Octopus

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Augustus’ Origin

Augustus the Angsty Octopus (sometimes called Augustus) is a toy octopus bought from the North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores. After he was bought, he lived in Dorm #4 at the Duke Marine Labratory and was frequently worshipped by the students. The reason for the “Angsty” in his name is because his eyes make him seem like an angsty octopus.

Worshipping Augustus

Augustus worshipping started when two students began to t-pose and sing to Augustus during night meds. When they came back to the dorm, they put Augustus up in the streamers and worshipped the mighty one. They cried, they laughed. At one point, Augustus fell on someone’s head and they started crying from sheer astonishment. This is what Augustus does to people. He brings them closer together, and closer to him. Hail Augustus! Hail the mighty one! He is god!