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i would just like to make it known that this page doesn’t exist because Australia doesn’t exist

Elikem's RC group at Davidson Term 2 2019

On the first day we established that Australia is our group name. (Because it's not real lol)(Buttons/pins were also made)

alt text “our fake australia pins”

Our hall is on the first floor. Walk in from the front, turn right, turn right again that’s our hall

Members: Elena, Claire, Maya, Sophie, Ava, Prachi, Kate, Hannah, Lilly, Soha, Shannon, Julia

Honorary Members: (Cousin) Addison, (cousin) kristy

Australia Stuff:

-dyed our hair

-fashion shows


-singing señorita 24/7 if you are Ava or Soha

alt text “the song señorita playing on soha’s iPhone”

-dancing in the hall until 10:44 (such rebels)

-hard knock life (our Tipsync song)

-cards against humanity

-the drippy spot in the ceiling