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that one 18 year old RC that can't have fourth years (she was secretly in an engineering fraternity but didn't tell us until the end so we wouldn't force her to be in alpha alpha alpha)

  • "hey ava can i say a cuss word" "no" "frick" "aDeline"
  • ra ra rasputin
  • mr.yeehaw
  • "young gravy your hat's on backward"
  • angry gardeners/aggravated agriculture/hoes mad
  • can i get a gruh chain or a yope hollar (rip the gruh team getting dead last) :(
  • "ava do you have a booooyfriend"
  • p h o t o s y n t h e s i s
  • riya's (stolen) fanart
  • "so i cant go into my worst enemies room and lobotomize them?"
  • riya disabling her phone for forever
  • Oops I Did It Again
  • sad boi hours.....oops i mean sad people. no crossdressing here

Frat rules: (Alpha Alpha Alpha)

  • we don't accept beta males
  • (it's not gay if it's just the tip) ((or if you have socks on))
  • punch drywall daily
  • have to disrespect woman and authority
  • practice fortnite dances 40 minutes daily
  • "no means yes, yes means anal"
  • "we only smoke mint and mango in our house"
  • have to say 'no homo/no jomo' if you touch another bro
  • sunday schedule: church, golf, country club, BRO TIME

Rc group members: Angela, Samatha, Eden, Grace, Anna, Adeline, Riya, Allison, Catherine, Ashe, Angelina, Crystal, Anisha, Isabelle, Madison, Viola