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Short for Biomedical Engineering. Class at Duke West 2018 Term 1. AWESOME CLASS!!!! HAD THE BEST INSTRUCTOR Coach V

2018 Term 1


  • Instructor: Marcelo Vital aka “Coach V”
  • TA: “Hannan” aka Hannan aka Shrek
  • Campbell Harmon
  • Kyle Robert Cooper
  • Jim Hoskins
  • Julia “Pam” Tucker
  • Natalia Menendez
  • Kyna McGill
  • Walker Bensch
  • PJ Muehlberger
  • Gregory Glasscock
  • Gabriel “Brie” de Leon
  • Joline Speck
  • Lulu Wu
  • Kristen “Kirsten” Hall
  • Layla Metni


  • Samuel "Sam" Taliaferro aka "BME buddy" who sat in the vent with his pet rat during class


  • Gabriel: Most likely to need 9 lives for him nose
  • Jim: Most likely to be a rapper
  • Natalia: Most likely to finesse her name
  • Gregory: Most likely to get away with it
  • Kyna: Most likely to “find” the body
  • Julia: Most likely to be Pam
  • Layla: Most likely to drop her binder (again)
  • Kristen: Most likely to be Kirsten
  • PJ: Most likely to be loud
  • Walker: Most likely to wear Jiu-Jitsu bracelets
  • Joline: Most likely to start “pineapples”
  • Lulu: Most likely to understand
  • Kyle: Most likely to join people with tubes
  • Campbell: Most likely to double toast toast
  • Hannan: Most likely to walk on the left side
  • Coach V: Most likely to be Germany’s daddy (printed as Most likely to be Germany’s father figure in the termbook to be tipropriate)

4th year names bolded

Inside Jokes

  • Tubular Transfusions
  • Pineapples
  • Shrek
  • Bean
  • The femur 4’s indestructible femur
  • Extra Medium (particularly TiP t-shirts)
  • RelationTIP: Hannan/Shrek

Cool Stuff

  • Playing frisbee during breaks
  • Playing shellshockers in the computer lab
  • Listening to music
  • Pig heart dissection
  • Getting soaking wet walking to eat after the dissection
  • Eating at the Bryan Center while soaking wet and losing half the class
  • Helping Walker make a TiPromposal poster for Alex
  • Water guns
  • Gasolina
  • Making pill casings that never dissolved
  • Coach V’s poem on the last day
  • Jim’s rap on the last day
  • Bell chokers
  • Clogging arteries with cookie butter