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Bags Touch

Bags Touch was an inside joke created at Davidson College, Term 1, 2012. The Basis for this inside joke was created when a girl named Erin in the Modern Medicine class wore a plastic Bag over her had during the rain, and then poked him. This caused him to run around the class on the way to and poke them, thus transferring the Bags Touch to that person. Some of the most common victims, who can repeatedly contract it, were and Daniel Lee(Jims' RC Group), Surya Shanmugam, and William Clauss and everyone else in Mod Med. However, the Touch could happen outside of the Modern Medicine Class, but in rare cases, it did. Joseph got infected. A lot. The same with many other unfortunate TIPsters who became friends with the current carrier. The only way to prevent getting it was to wear a bag over your head, but everyone risked being infected as opposed to looking like a complete idiot.


The Saccius tangere is a Bacillius bacteria, related to B. cerius and S. marcesens(only ask Modern Medicine kids, they'll understand) that cannot reproduce. It is the largest bacterium known to mankind, and can only be transmitted to other victims through contact of the hand to any part of the other victims person. Symptoms include annoyance, a sudden urge to poke anyone in a 69 foot radius, and a sudden urge to also sing the chorus of Flo Rida's "Where them Girls at" with some modification(instead of Where them girls at, girls at whooooo; its where them bags at, bags at, whooooo) There is no known cure once you have it except to pass it onto another person which will rid you from this disease.


Just getting the Bags Touch can mean you can end it altogether.