Balcony Squad

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Mainly made up of members of The Breakfast Club, the Balcony Squad would hang out on the balcony during free time during Term 1 2015 at UGA. During the first Sunday after the dance, they all took a giant group nap (all on top of each other) and would chant "No way in, no way out" and "One of us". They also got group naps banned on the balcony (for "spooning", but they all knew it was because Cheyenne/Wren and Connor were getting it in the corner)(not true, they didn't get together until the Tuesday after.) The members are as followed:

  • Bailee Hayden
  • Rhys
  • Cheyenne/Wren
  • Connor
  • David Pulse
  • Sydney Norman
  • Hadley
  • Dylan
  • Crispy
  • Avery
  • Shay
  • Seterah
  • Kat Eaton
  • Brooklyn Crabtree
  • Timmy Lincoln
  • Tenley Brown
  • Sam Smith
  • Jay Godfrey
  • Eric

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