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Baldwin is the Auditorium on Duke east, and also the main architectural focal point there too. It is used by TIP for the opening rules presentation and the talent show, and the occasional activity or two. It is used by ADFers for practice, which is which you might see a couple of dance flyers in the entrance hall, and if you wake up one morning to find lots and lots of cars parked around the campus, chances are that there's a lecture or a wedding going on inside (note: do not stop and stare at the people getting married. it's not polite. trust me.) While Baldwin is airconditioned, do not let that fool you into thinking that it is ,and will always be, nice and cool inside. It is similar ot the lip sync area:once all the TiPsters are in there, it gets hot pretty fast. And seeing as how the talent show always takes forever, i would recommend bringing anything you could possibly use for a fan. Baldwin is also known as "the Nipple." One of the three famous things that all TIPsters should attempt before leaving after their fourth years is getting into Baldwin basement. (I've done it. It's pretty sweet.)