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Kyra Balyeat is known for her last name, balyeat (pronounced bow-yay) but yet thiccums started the trend of saying balYEET. Because She yeets on the ballz and later she yeets on ben (benyeet) She wasn’t known as kyra, just ballyeet. it was quite sad. ex ‘Do you know who kyra is? ‘no??’ ‘what about ballyeet’ ‘OH yeah. I know her” everyone thought she was one of those pretty girls who are super bratty and bitchy. but once you get to know her, you realize she’s just a bitch (Jk kyra love you!) Her frizzy hair was one of her distinctive features, along with her horse laugh (sometimes) Kyra has a fourth year sister, kaylin who went to Duke West for her last year. after kyra told her about the jokes about their shared last name, kaylin told her friends and they got into the joke as well. Long live the two ballyeets(kyra is better tho)