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The Prince, a.k.a Andrew "Barbie" Rawson, 1st Prince of Davidson, was a first year freshman, Psychology student, and the self-proclaimed monarch of TIP Davidson '06 Term II.

His claim to leadership over his fellow TIPsters came from his nickname "The Prince", due to his physical resemblance to Prince Charming from the movie Shrek II. This quickly escalated into many nicknames, including:

  • Prince Charming
  • Prince Barbie
  • Barbie
  • Simply "The Prince" (as in Machiavellian Prince)
  • John Smith (which led to Money being proclaimed Pocahontas, as much as she vehemently tried to make Nikki Pocahontas because she knew what was coming. so much for pre-emptive strikes.)
  • note: Money also forced Barbie to do the hairflip numerous times so everyone else could see the resemblance.

The Reign of Prince Barbie

The story began as Money gave Andrew the nickname "The Prince", due to his resemblance to Shrek II's Prince Charming. After recieving this nickname, he felt the need to declare himself the literal Prince of Davidson, and all other TIPsters his subjects, crowning Money The Most High Princess of Currency, a distant land; and Sam The Most Glorious 1st Duke of Belk. He nominated, Ryan, Travis, and Ari, all second years, members of his court, along with Amelia and Taush, who Sam tried like hell to kick out because Taush was stalking him.

After Money attacked Barbie and stole his "Robe" with the help of knight in southern armor Dillon, Barbie fired Ryan as his bodyguard. And so began the bloodshed.

Ryan, exiled and discontented, decided a revolution was called for. The rebellion gained popular support. Money, Princess of Currency, Samuel, Duke of Belk, and Taush were among the few still remaining at the Prince's side, and resolved to hide him in safety.

Andrew immediately devised a plan to crush the rebellion and bring Ryan back to his side by using Ryan's crush, Lexi. However, his plot was foiled, as Ryan had lied about his feelings for Lexi, who in turn denied hers about Ryan. A mob was quickly formed.

Money learned of this plot and attempted to find the Prince and warn him. However, the mob soon found them, captured the prince; and Sam and Money were forced to retreat. They later returned with reinforcements to rescue him and hid him in safety until he could form a suitable apology to Lexi and a suitable threat to Ryan. Though he managed to reconcile himself with both, he was forced to renounce his throne, ending the brief reign of Andrew, 1st Prince of Davidson.

Barbie was safe then, but not for long. Discontentment reigned, and the new plots began...

There was a plot in which Barbie and Ari, angry about Lexi's sheer manipulative power, began to hatch a scheme. The scheme is that there would be no scheme, and everyone would be so curious about it that it would start a big deal. Unfortunately, the scheme-that-wasn't worked too well. Rumors started flying, and people were about to tell RC's because they thought it would be something gigantic. Eventually, the scheme fell through, and everyone was mad because they were embarrassed at falling into Ari and Andrew's manipulation.

At the last dance, Barbie was very angry. No one knows what about, except for maybe Ari (and he forgot). He broke off all contact with TiP over the year, and so far attempts to contact him have failed. If you have any information on how to reach Barbie, AKA Andrew Rawson, then email, or

-edit: the Prince has been located and is currently in the midst of uniting ther remainder of his fellow TiPsters under his kingdom.

The True Story

Barbie, a.k.a Andrew Rawson, "The Prince" was a first year freshman, Psychology student, and the self-proclaimed monarch of TIP Davidson '06 Term II.

His reign was brief, due to the unwillingness of other TIPsters to subjugate themselves to his benevolent rule.

To begin with, Prince Andrew did not derive his princedom from the nickname imposed on him by Money, but rather as follows: One free time, Prince Andrew was bored. He grabbed his sheets from the ground where he humbly slept and wrapped them around himself. He also took a twizler from his stash and made it his scepter. He then found Ryan and declared him his bodyguard, as Ryan was skilled in the art of the foam noodle. The pink noodle and the red twizler fit well together. He declared himself a prince for multiple reasons:

  • A prince indicates a less overbearing status than a king.
  • A prince has less land than a king.
  • A prince is more youthful than a king.
  • Machiavelli wrote about the prince, not the king.

And so, clad in his royal robes, The Prince set forth across his Principality in search of a court. Along the way, prior to finding any of those that were to become his court, he was set upon by a band of brigands and theives. In the attack, Ryan showed his incompetence as a bodyguard. The robber baron Dillon set upon The Prince in his plight under false pretenses of helping a damsel in distress. After the rougue made a fool of The Prince he released him with his robe. The marauders, however, kept Ryan's weapon that they might set upon Prince Andrew more readily in the future. It should be noted here that as the Prince's Kingdom was young and underfunded, the quality of weaponry afforded to his Royal Bodyguard was subpar, and not fit for combat. Ryan has since realized the likelyhood of subpar equipment again and has trained extensively in unarmed combat and the art of Parkour-Kendo. The Prince then proceeded to set about assembling his court.

-Work in Progress-