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Basements and Bunnies was an evening activity at TIP @ Rice where Tipsters played a TIP-themed Dungeons and Dragons campaign. RC Michael He first ran basements and bunnies at TIP Rice 2014, Term 2 before bringing it back 2015 to both terms.

Character Sheets

All classes start with 15 button pieces (bp)


STR-RC\'s main ability

DEX-TIPster\'s main ability

CONS-adds to your AC

INT- Instructor\'s main ability

WIS- TA\'s main ability

Roll the d20 6 times and record the 5 highest rolls.

Convert the raw roll (1-20) into the modifier using the chart

Write down your modifiers under your ability boxes

Distribute them as you see fit

TIPster (Rogue)

  1. 25 HP
  2. 14 AC
  3. Weapons
    1. Lanyard (1d6+Dex slashing) OR
    2. Skittle Shot (1d8+Dex ranged)
  4. Ability
    1. Dodging Lights Out
      1. Can be used once per encounter as a defensive move.
      2. Roll a d20. If >14, parry is successful, you take 0 damage, and the attacker takes ½ of the damage they intended to deal
    2. Swarm Attack
      1. Can be once per encounter as an extra action (i.e. on top of your normal action)
      2. Roll 1d8 for damage, damage is 1.5x (rounded up) what you roll
  5. Misc
    1. Lockpicking Set

RC (Fighter)

  1. 30 HP
  2. 16 AC
  3. Weapons
    1. HDMI Cord Whip (2 handed, 2d6+Str slashing)
    2. Marker Sword (1 handed, 2d4+Str slashing)
  4. Ability
    1. Caffeine Rush
      1. Can be used once per encounter
      2. Allows you to take an extra action (i.e. another attack)
    2. Med Phone
      1. Can be used once per encounter as a defensive move
      2. Roll a d20. If >14, then you take 0 damage and absorb ½ of the damage intended as health (i.e. an 8 damage attack would heal 4HP)
  5. Misc
    1. 1 Potion of Milk (Heals 10 HP)

Instructor (Wizard)

  1. 20 HP
  2. 12 AC
  3. Weapons
    1. Tome of Graduate Education (the medium through which you cast spells)
  4. Spells
    1. Magic Lanyard
      1. Charms the target
    2. Piercing Words
      1. 3 x d4 projectiles
    3. Boundary Blast
      1. 2d6+INT force push damage
    4. Detect Magic
      1. Will detect Magic
    5. Phone Light
      1. Will illuminate a 3 foot radius around you

TA (Cleric)

  1. 20 HP
  2. 12 AC
  3. Weapons
    1. Academic transcript (The medium through which you cast spells)
  4. Spells
    1. Neon Shield
      1. Targets 1 individual (probably a party member)
      2. When Neon Shield is activated, that individual rolls a d10, and the shield negates the amount of damage equal to that roll.
    2. Night\'s Rest
      1. Targets 1 individual
      2. Heals 7 HP
    3. Call to Class
      1. Targets 1 individual
      2. Individual will roll 1 additional d6 damage dice on their next turn
    4. Lance of Talent
      1. 1d8+Wis damage
    5. Detect Magic
      1. Detects Magic
    6. Phone Light
      1. Will illuminate a 3 foot radius around you


HP AC Damage Ability/Effect
Squirrel 15 12 Bite: 1d6

Tail whip: 2d4||Upon hit, roll DC 10 (constitution). If failed, take 5 rabies damage

Bunny 15 12 Headbutt: 2d4 Multiply: Every turn roll d20. If >15, one additional bunny arrives
Flying PG-13 Movie 20 15 PDA: 2d6

F-Bomb (1 per encounter): 1d10||Upon encounter, DC 13 Intelligence check. If failed, player falls asleep for 1 turn

Possessed Football 15 15 Concussion: 1d20
Owlchemist 40 10 Two attacks/turn

Organic Solvent: 2d8 Transmutation: 1d6||

Ghost of Sid Rich 40 15 Death From Above: 4d8 projectiles
Laundry Machine 20 10 Tide Pod: 4d4 projectiles

Mildew: 1d6 stench damage||

Ubangee subunit 10 10 Ubangee Chant: 1d10 Chant has a chance to scare (DC 13 Wisdom). If failed, PC\'s next attack is halved
Ubangee Hive Mind 20 13 Frenzy: 1d20
Squirrel Guard 20 15 Tail Swipe: 2d5

Acorn Blast: 2d6||

Stranger Danger Fourth Year 40 16 Button Bomb: 4d6

Caffeine Attack: 2d8


    1. General Instructions

Italicized words are generally instructions for the dungeon master, and bolded words are generally items/attacks. The general layout of the campaign is to go from Sid to Weiss/path to RMC/Will Rice to RMC to library to academic quad. Enemy information is listed above, but be warned, neither enemies nor items were balanced in the slightest, so if running this campaign, you should look to balance things on the fly. There's also a maze in Weiss that's not attached, but any maze would really do

    1. Intro/Background

You\'re sitting in the Sid basement, bracing for the Great Heat Wave of 2015 while playing a fantasy role-playing game called Dungeons and Dragons. Though this game is completely not TIPpropriate and specifically warned against in the student handbook, you and your fellow TIPsters have found this the best way to distract yourself from the awesome and mighty effects of this force of nature. Suddenly, a bright blue light and crash engulfs the basement, destroying your character sheets and knocking you out. As you awake, you all feel different, as if you are imbued with new powers and abilities, and some of your lanyards curiously seem to be a beautiful baby blue instead of your normal neon yellow and orange.

  1. Sid Basement
    1. Staff kitchen is locked
      1. Successful lockpick reveals 3 potions of milk (heals 10 HP)
    2. Storage room is locked
      1. Successful lockpick reveals 2 pool noodles (1 handed, 2d6)
      2. 1 TIPsync button (When used, enemy faces 15 DC intelligence check, if failed, becomes ally for the rest of the battle)
      3. 2 ball pit balls (each is a ranged weapon. 1d8, reusable)
      4. 1 TIPflix button (+2 to wisdom)
      5. 1 Treat Yo Self button (+2 to intelligence)
    3. Laundry room
      1. Characters smell an unusual stench emanating from the laundry room and feel the rumbles of what they think is the washing machine
      2. If they enter, roll 13 DC Consititution checks. If failed, they pass out from the stench for 1 turn
      3. 3 Laundry Machines attack
        1. Each drops 10 button backs (currency)
        2. 1 Tide Pod drop (single use, like a grenade, 4d4 damage)
    4. Elevator/stairs
      1. If they take the elevator to the 1-3 floors, the elevator malfunctions, the lights go off, and the players are stuck
        1. The players can escape from the roof panel but must complete a DC 12 Dexterity to see if they can climb to the next open floor.
        2. If failed, take 4 damage
      2. If they take the elevator to floors 4-7 they\'re fine
      3. If the players enter floor 2 or 5 and make noise, the Ghost of Sid Rich ambushes them
        1. They can escape him through the stairs if need be
  2. Sid 1st Floor
    1. Lobby
      1. You enter the lobby area and look outside the large glass windows, only to see immense flooding and flashes of lightning
    2. OSO
      1. The OSO is locked
        1. Lockpick DC 17 Dexterity reveals 2 iPads (one time use item, pay 10 bp to learn any spell)
        2. 1 Fists of Painters Tape (2d8 damage, roll 1d6. If >3, enemy is stunned for 1 round)
        3. Med cabinet can be unlocked DC 18 Dexterity
          1. Any meds used poisons them for 15 damage
        4. The car keys are shattered, and all packages shredded
    3. Sid Dining
      1. A mass of huddled TIPsters are congregated in the commons. They seem scared and feeble, mentally and physically weakened by the vastly inferior evening activities they were partaking in
        1. Talking to them needs DC 12 Wisdom/Intelligence check.
        2. If check is successful, they mention a group of RCs heading towards South Servery to forage for supplies and some fourth years heading towards the RMC
        3. If check is unsuccessful, the TIPsters seem dazed and are unable to speak, having no strength without their fearless RCs to guide them
      2. TIPsters can loot 2 Potions of Milk (Heals 10 HP)
      3. 1 Iceberg Lettuce (grants invulnerability for 3 turns to the user)
  3. Sid 2nd floor
    1. If the players make noise here, the Ghost of Sid Rich ambushes them (if they\'ve already been ambushed, no encounter)
      1. Drops 1 Owl Button (grants levitation for 30 seconds, with a 2 minute cooldown)
    2. Other loot: 1 Vinyl Record (ranged weapon (reusuable), 1 handed, 1d8 damage)
  4. Sid 3rd floor
    1. Loot: 1 Scroll of Massaging (learnable spell, attack, 1d10 damage)
  5. Sid 4th floor
    1. Loot: 1 Scroll of Deliver Pizza (learnable spell, heal 15 damage, 1 hour cooldown)
  6. Sid 5th floor
    1. If the players make noise here, the Ghost of Sid Rich ambushes them (If they\'ve already been ambushed, no encounter)
      1. Drops 1 Owl Button (grants levitation for 30 seconds, with a 2 minute cooldown)
    2. 1 RA parking pass (lets them pass through the flooded parking lot)
    3. 3 Baby Bottles (restores 10 HP)
    4. 1 Pacifier (single use, pacifies 1 enemy for 3 turns)
    5. 1 Rattler (1 handed, 1d8+1d4 annoying damage)
  7. Sid 6th Floor
    1. Loot: 2 scrolls of foosball (learnable spell, allows user to control the feet of 1 enemy/turn)
  8. Sid 7th floor
    1. Nothing of use here, but if the players enter the balcony, they can see lights at the student center and a strange blue force emanating from the Academic Quad and Willy\'s Statue. They can see the great sea spanning the path between Sid and Will Rice, and they notice the only paths they can take are to South Servery, to the RMC, or to WRC

Sid Quad

  1. The TIPsters head outside, though it\'s not 4-5 free time and there\'s no RC on duty to protect them. The quad on the left is completely destroyed, jagged rocks piercing through the once lush grass field. There is a narrow (2 person abreast) path heading towards South Servery, and to the right, the path to the RMC is clear, though the trees seem more sinister and twisting now
    1. 1d4 Bunnies and 1d4 Squirrels appear if the TIPsters head towards South

Path to South

  1. Having narrowly escaped the rabid clutches of the bunnies and squirrels, you and your Super RC Group head towards South Servery. As you enter through the Weiss archway, the Weiss War Pig comes alive before you, blocking your path
  2. The War Pig booms "The South Servery is possessed by a strange and dark force, and only those pure of heart and identified of talent may proceed. To prove your worth, answer me this question"
  3. "How many letters are in the answer to this question?"
    1. The kids can answer as many times as they like
    2. The Answer is Four
  4. Once complete, the War Pig says "You have passed my arbitrary test, so I deem you possessing of talent. You may head towards South Servery, but beware of the curse of the Ubangee.
  5. The players head to South Servery and go through that maze
  6. At the end of the maze, the players are ambushed by The Ubangee
    1. The Ubangee is a multi-"cellular" organism made of 8 sub-ubangees working as one, controlled by the central Ubangee hivemind.
    2. Each Ubangee subunit (not the central) attacks and does 1d4 damage. Once the Ubangee is down to the central subunit, it goes into a rage and does three attacks of 2d8 damage
      1. Ubangee drops 30 bp per player
      2. 1 Mini-War Pig Familiar
        1. ½ HP of its master, in combat grants Mob of the Ubangee (re-roll if a spell doesn\'t hit), and out of combat, can be warged into to use spells through the mini war pig
      3. 1 Hamburger Button (+2 to Consitutition)
      4. 1 Book of the Ubangee (5d4 projectile damage)
      5. 2 Crutches (1 handed weapon, 1d10+2, but results in -5 HP debuff per crutch equipped)

Path to the RMC

  1. What was once a clear gravel path to the RMC is now littered with giant stones and encroached upon by menacing trees. With every step you take, the trees seem to shift and twist in a manner that doesn\'t obscure the path yet makes you feel as if you\'re constantly going in circles, though you\'re walking in a straight line
  2. After walking for what seems to be 15 minutes, you still haven\'t made it to the inner loop, though you should have reached it by now.
    1. This puzzle is an endless path that basically treadmills. There\'s not a solution to it, so let the kids figure out their own solution
  3. Having finally reached the Inner Loop, a giant 6 foot tall owl swoops down upon you. "I am the Owlchemist" it hoots. "None but Rice students may continue along this path"
    1. Players can DC 17 Wisdom or Intelligence to get past the Owlchemist
      1. Successful DC drops Owl Familiar (1/2 HP of its master, and provides +3 to Intelligence)
      2. Also drops 1 Owl Feather (grants levitation for 30 seconds, 5 min cooldown)
      3. 1 Scroll of William Marsh Rice (no ability, it\'s a quest item for the William Marsh Rice battle)
      4. 2 Scroll of Rejection Letters (learnable, Int/Wis, 3d8 projectile damage)
      5. 2 Owl talons (1H weapon, Dex, 2d6+4)
      6. 30 bp /player
    2. Failed check or attempt to attack results in the Owlchemist summoning 5 Squirrel Guards and surprise attacking the adventurers
      1. At the end of the battle, players get 20 bp each
      2. 3 Squirrel Guard Buttons (+1 to AC)
      3. 3 Acorns (explosive weapon, 3d10 projectile damage, 1 time use)
      4. 1 Oaken staff (2H weapon, Dex/Str/Wis/Int, 2d8 damage)

Path to Will Rice

  1. You look across the Narrow Sea towards the remnants of what used to be Will Rice College. There doesn\'t seem to be any way to cross the sea, for the only dry land in 100 yards is a single stepping stone located in the middle of the expanse
    1. If the players have an RA Parking Pass and activate it, the sea will recede and the players can cross safely
    2. If the players have a levitation ability, they can levitate to the stepping stone, at which point the stepping stone turns into a 10\'x10\' platform, and a narrow path will appear, such that they party can continue but they must cross single file
      1. If they cross single file, once they reach the stepping stone, a great wall of water traps them on the 10\'x10\' platform
      2. The water rushes down, and as the players brace for impact, they\'re surprised to see an invisible ceiling is preventing the water from entering. However, further inspection shows that this ceiling is slowly lowering, and the water with it.
      3. There is a small 6\'x3\'x1\' recess in the middle of the platform, small enough that it appears that one person and only in the party can fit inside
        1. The kids can decide who gets to fit inside the recess and be saved
      4. The ceiling slowly lowers, and the players are forced to crouch then sit, then lay down lest they be crushed. The thousands of gallons of water descend, and all but the one say their final words in preparation for the end
      5. Then suddenly, just as the players can feel moisture on their nose, the water rushes to the sides, leaving the players safe
        1. The purpose of this is to see if the kids will turn on one another or something
  2. The players continue to Will Rice but are dismayed to find New Will Rice completely collapsed and inaccessible. However, looking across the Will Rice quad, the party sees a glint coming from the hammock on the other side of the quad
  3. The party crosses the quad but is swarmed by flying Ultimate Frisbee disks. Each player must DC 15 Dexterity or take 10 damage.
    1. If a player takes damage, DC 15 Constitution or be concussed, and another player must go back and drag them over to the hammock (the dragging player must Dex roll again, each time they go back)
  4. After braving the field of Ultimate Frisbee Disks, the players reach safety by the hammock. It seems that Hurricane Bill snapped the hammock in half, which really is a shame, but you notice that the hammock fabric acted as a net to catch items that must\'ve been blown out of Will Rice
    1. Loot: 20bp/player
    2. 2 bike helmets (+3 to AC)
    3. 1 Broom (2H, Dex, 2d6 damage)
    4. 2 Scrolls of Academic Instruction (learned, 5d4 projectile damage)
    5. 1 Admin Button (+2 to Wis)
    6. 1 Hammock Fabric (Cape, +2 to Dex)
    7. 2 Hammock Fragments (1H, Str, 1d10+2)
  5. The party can now head to the RMC or Fondren


  1. You approach the Rice Memorial Center, glad to finally have found a place of safety and comfort. You walk through the courtyard and see the word TIP spray painted next to the entrance, in an obviously in-TIPpropriate act of vandalism, though it comforts you for you know this place is safe. You attempt to open the wooden double doors, but the door is firmly locked shut
    1. Attempts to lockpick it will not work
    2. Cannot blow it down
  2. Inspect Magic or Inspect or any kind (or if they get stuck) results in a face appearing on the door
  3. "Who goes there?" The door asks in what really is not an intimidating voice. "I am Phillip, the Guardian of the Door, and none may enter for this is a time of great evil….though truth be told, I lost my memory and don\'t even know what I\'m supposed to do anyway."
    1. The trick to this is to get the door to say the password "TIP." Players themselves can say the words, but it doesn\'t do anything. Only the door saying TIP will open it (or if they figure out an interesting other solution
  4. Inside the RMC
    1. Having solved the door\'s identity crisis, you enter the great doors into the student center. Immediately upon entering, two fourth years rush towards you and give you hugs, crying tears of joy that they are not alone.
      1. If players question why there\'s only two fourth years, the fourth years answer evasively and say their third person was "lost," refusing to answer any more
      2. DC 15 Intelligence check gets the fourth years to softly admit something went horribly wrong, and the fourth years take the group to the lower level of the bookstore
    2. The players may enter The Bookstore and purchase items with the button pieces they amassed
      1. After purchasing all their things, the group hears loud growls and banging coming from the lower level of the bookstore
    3. If the players were led downstairs by the fourth years (via the Intelligence check), the fourth years hand over three orange lanyards before running away
    4. If the players heard the banging, the fourth years attempt to stop the players from entering before running away
    5. The Bottom Floor
      1. Your party slowly walks down the stairs, and as you descend, the light grows dimmer and dimmer until you can barely see the person in front of you. The first member of the party hits a makeshift barricade (Which can be removed via a DC 12 Strength Check), and once the barricade is removed, all growls cease
      2. Roll DC 12 Dexterity. All who fail are ambushed by strange creatures they can\'t identify (Stranger Danger Fourth Years)
      3. There are 3 Stranger Danger Fourth Years. They attack from the shadows and quickly retreat (hopefully someone has a torch or flashlight or light spell), and if the room is illuminated, their identities are revealed
      4. These are students who look very similar to the fourth years you loved and admired, yet without their lanyards, they seem strange and dangerous, morphed into horrific creatures of the night
      5. Fourth Year Lanyards can be thrown onto the Stranger Danger Fourth Years (DC 17), and if successful, the enemies are incapacitated and return to their normal TIPster shape
        1. Stranger Danger Fourth Years drop
        2. 3 Frappuccinos (each allows 1 extra action per turn, 1 use each)
        3. 3 Junk Food (restores 5 HP)
        4. 1 Scroll of Rice Diploma (learnable ability, guarantees initiative for the party when used)
        5. 2 Expensive Textbooks (2H weapon, modified by Int/Wis, 1d10+4)
        6. 2 Autographed Rice Baseballs (ranged weapon, 1d8+4)
        7. 2 Rice Hoodies (+3 to AC)
        8. 2 Used Textbooks (2H weapon, modified by Str, 2d10+5)
      6. Players can go purchase stuff from the bookstore if they haven\'t already

Fondren Library

  1. You head to Fondren Library, as it seems to be the most direct path towards the glowing Academic Quad, and you enter through the grey metal and glass doors. Upon stepping into Fondren, you\'re immediately hit with a wave of despair and sadness, which is undoubtedly emanating from the students trapped upstairs, not by physical rubble, but by their need to do well on tests.
  2. Ahead of you, instead of the normal turnstiles, you see three doors, each identical to the next. As you approach the doors, three holograms appear, each with the form of a giant owl.
  3. "Halt," the owls say in unison. "If you are to face the great evil that has possessed our campus, you must be pure of heart, worthy of spirit, and great of intelligence. Ahead of you are three doors. One door leads to your destination while the other two contain nothing but death. Each of us three guards a door, and each of us three will help you on your path. However, one of us always lies, one of us always tells the truth, and one of us always attacks people who ask tricky questions."
    1. Door 1, death, attacks people
    2. Door 2, death, truth
    3. Door 3, correct path, lie
      1. Once a door is entered, there is a 1 minute countdown before the room\'s "action" is revealed, to limit random bumrushing. If they choose one of the death rooms, DC 20 Constitution check, and if failed, take 25 damage.

Willy\'s Statue

  1. You approach Willy\'s Statue from behind, having just left Fondren Library. As soon as you exit from under the library\'s covering, a great vibration resonates through the Academic Quad, and you can barely stand due to the intensity of the shaking. Just as you manage to stabilize, you see the statue of William Marsh Rice, founder of Rice University, slowly rotate towards you, with its granite base screeching upon the concrete pavement. A blue light, the same blue light you remember from the start of your adventure, fills the sky, and you see the statue come to life. Willy slowly and mechanically rises from his metal throne, and just as he stands tall, the ground shakes once more, and the entire academic quad lifts up into the air, with your party on it
    1. This is the Big Bad Evil Guy
    2. 180 HP
    3. 5 attacks per turn (any of the following)
      1. Founder\'s Scroll: 2d6 magic damage
      2. Old Man Strength: 3d6 damage
      3. Board of Trustees: 2d4+4 damage
      4. Buckyball: 3d6 damage+ 2 poison damage the next turn
    4. Once he reaches 50 HP, he gains the following attack options +1 attack
      1. Urn Bomb: 4d6 radial explosive damage
      2. Chloroform Poisoning: 3d8 radial poisoning damage (if attack connects, DC 15 Constitution. If failed, falls asleep for the next turn)