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My name is Tonte aka Tontolicious Tonto according to TAMU Term 2 Entrepreneurial Leadership Brocean <3 Forever

I am editing this page 6 years after my last time at TIP. A lot has changed. Some TIPster friends are now married, relationtips have ended, and we have gone on to different things in life. Since I was never a fourth year, I will now write my will.

I, Tonte of Tontolicious mind, body, and soul; hereby give you, TIPwiki readers, my last will and testament. Having consumed the "period blood" from Lasagna's Pastas, I leave endless amounts of coffee to the Bodaggits of 2009 and the knowledge the All We Do Is Win to the Brocean of 2010. To Caleb, I leave all the fluff in the world for his fro. To Forrest I leave all the vanilla cake one can eat. To Malik, I leave enough musical talent to spread the message that TIP truly is love. To Andres, I leave endless laughter and inappropriateness. To Katie, Sarah, Shivani, Autumn, Nadia, and Josey I leave the pieces of my heart you took with you when we left A&M. To Uncle Malveaux, I leave the last hug I ever gave as a TIPster and the knowledge that I haven't forgotten the moment we parted with tears in our eyes. To Lila, I leave the most uncomfortable humor I could possibly muster.

To Bex, I thank you for being able to compliment me and parts of me I never thought beautiful. You're a truly good person.

To Addi, I thank you for inviting me to your TIP home. It means the world to me and so do you. I leave you the promise that you can always count on me to be there forever.

To Andrew, I love you brother.

To Josh, keep on raising the pledges. I'm watching you.

To Leah, I leave the last awkward dance I will ever have at TIP

To Ijele, I leave the most powerful shoki I could possibly muster.

In closing I leave you with two quotes that I believe embody everything TIP has meant to me:

"Taco Bell, I will have one of your finest chicken entrees, please."

"It has been a privilege given the vastness of this universe to share this space, time, and experience with each and every one of you."