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Jecca is the romantic pairing of Becca and Joel. They both attended Wake Forest at Duke Tip during term 1 of 2016. Becca lived on floor 1, while Joel was on floor 3. Both took Creative Writing, which is how they first met. In the class, they created a memorable relationship.


 On the first day of camp, Becca decided to be social in a risqué move, and it obviously paid off. That day, she first set eyes on Joel. They came from two different worlds- he was from those golden, Nebraska cornfields, and she was from the party-ridden Miami. Joel took an interest in Becca upon their first meeting. He flirted with her lowkey-ly, but she was too busy socializing to notice.
 Through the weeks, Joel lowkey-my flirted with Becca more and more, but she didn't understand because she was too entranced in the fine literature of Caleb. To get her attention, Joel did things like trying to get her number. There was a strain put on their relationship when Joel started calling Becca's friend, Megan, ugly as a joke, but he still loved her.
 On the last week of camp, Joel finally asked Becca to TIP prom, and realizing how they were meant to be, Becca said yes. As a joke, their friends would call them Jococka. Becca found it funny, but Joel thought it was gross bc he was Joel. Their relationship was supported by their friends Sydney and Aerial, as well as Travis. 
 Sometimes to mess with Joel, Becca would mention her on-again off-again Miami boyfriend. Hurt, Joel would be confused, but he continued to like her through the turmoil. Becca would also joke that she liked her awesome  friend Abby more than him, and threatened to not dance with him if he kept calling her cool friend Megan ugly. Despite this, she truly did love him. 
 At the dance, they slow danced like once. "It was SO lame" - Megan.
 But later, they made up for it. Joel gave Becca an emotional and heartfelt letter, and she understood him. Then, Becca left in the morning without saying goodbye bc she's heartless. 


 It is common knowledge that Jecca/Jococka will stay together despite the distance, as they are currently in love. Joel, being the smooth homeslice he is, picked up Becca's number and promised to be faithful. Becca, being a party girl, made no such promise, but she did dump her on-again off-again boyfriend and rejected the advances of Ian.


The following people are believers in #Jecca: • Abby Starr • Megan Vaz • Elizabeth Rainwater • Aerial West • Travis Clark • Sydney Redahl • Anh the TA • Jesus • many more