Bed races

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Bed races are a concept created by Danny at who knows when. What is known, however, was that they were brought to the attention of Gaston's RAG and Jared's RAG during a RC meeting on June 28th, 2017 at Georgia Tech during Term 1. The day was Gaston's day off (Tuesday), so both groups were combined for RC meeting. Before highs and lows George was not present which caused Danny to assume that George was trying to cheat at bed races. After not explaining it several times and asking Jared questions about the meeting (which was about to happen), Danny asked people what they thought bed races were. Most answers weren't serious because everyone just wanted to get the meeting over with which only elongated this period of time. When he did explain it after Christian said it (Getting in bed first) he stated that he had won it 3 days in a row and needed to keep up this streak. After a really long meeting, everyone ran off to try and win “bed races.” Caelen ended Danny's claimed 3 day win streak. Also, perhaps Danny misinterpreted bed races, as seen [1]